Understanding organisations and the role of Human Resources Essay

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Understanding organisations and the role of Human Resources

The following report contains information on how Human Resources can support the organisation with both internal processes and meeting key business objectives. Human resources and the services they provide can be seen as the crucial link between staff and the achieving the business goals and objectives. They are there to create, produce and maintain all policies and procedures. And more importantly ensure that procedures are correctly followed and fairly enforced in the work place. They support both line managers and senior managers in maintaining a strong and agile workforce and ensuring business objectives are passed down through the appraisal process. There are several activities undertaken by the Human resources department that help the business meet their goals. I have decided to focus on three distinct areas:

Recruitment and Selection (Talent Management)
Learning and Development (Training)
Appraisals and Performance Management
Recruitment and Selection

One of the most important functions undertaken by the Human resources department is advertising for and attracting the right candidate with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to drive the business forward. This involves ensuring the correct job descriptions are documented and maintained, the interview and reference checks are correctly carried out and assist the management in getting the best out of the candidates.

Learning and Development

Offering continuous learning and development can lead to growth of the individual staff and the organisation as a whole. Human resources are key in promoting the culture of learning and development throughout the organisation. We provide expertise in identifying training needs and development opportunities.

Appraisals and performance management

In order to maintain a productive workforce you must have colleague engagement. This can be achieved by regular one to ones and appraisals via line managers. Ensuring appraisals are aligned with business objectives means everyone is working towards the same goal. Working closely with line managers can identify areas of concern which can then be dealt with in the appropriate manner by using a performance management framework.

3.1 Support the organisations strategy

Human resources can support the company’s organisational strategy by aligning the HR function to support those goals. For example

Business Plan

CIPD website say “Corporate strategy determines the direction an organisation will take in order to achieve business success in the long term” http://www.cipd.co.uk/hr-topics/corporate-strategy.aspx

Human resources can assist with formulating the company’s business plan by working with Directors and Senior Managers to review all business areas, evaluate and re-structure according to needs. We can also provide support for the business by using one of two methodologies i.e. SWOT or PESTLE. We can also review staffing levels, department structures, succession and retention planning so we have the relevant skills and experience to grow the business.

Values and Vision

Human resources can be the ‘owners’ of the Vision and Values of the company. We can design, write and implement the Vision and Values and share those with both internal and external customers. We can ensure they are embedded in the very culture of the organisation by recruiting the right people, with the relevant skills and experience the company needs. We can also lead college engagement with quarterly and yearly companywide presentations on new initiatives, business performance and aims for the coming months.

Learning and Development

Human resources can identify and provide training for new and current staff to ensure we have the relevant skills to support the business. This can include reviewing all staff current educational levels to identify skill and experience. We can review, source and negotiate with external training providers for any training requirements in supporting the business objectives. Any training provided can be monitored and evaluated to ensure we get a return on investment (ROI). This can be done with the support of line managers and the appraisal process.

3.2 Supporting line managers and their staff

Human resources general day to day activities are supporting team leader and departmental managers with general HR issues. We support them in providing a consistent and managed approach to ensure company procedures and policies are followed. For example

Recruitment and Selection

Human Resource Practice says “it maybe a cliché that people are an organisations greatest assest, but no orgaisation exists without people and nothing is achieved expect through their efforts” (Page 9) The above quote is correct and Human resources hold regular meetings with departmental managers to review current recruitment actives. We will assist in writing and maintaining job adverts and ensure recruitment costs are kept to a minimum by using free recruitment sites. We will also review, log and evaluate any CV’s before progressing them to the relevant managers.

Human resources will co-ordinate interview dates, venues and staff to ensure recruitment is carried out in a speedy and professional manner. We will also carry out exit interviews with any leavers to understand how we are performing as an organisation and make sure the turnover of staff is kept to a minimum.

HR enforcement

Human resources will ensure company procedures are followed by maintaining the Staff Handbook. This will detail the HR and company procedures for sickness, hours of working, maternity/paternity leave and general information required for staff. We will work with team leaders and managers to follow up, investigate and if necessary hold disciplinary hearing with staff who break or circumvent the staff handbook. Human resources will ensure the company follows all employment laws and engages with the trade union presence.

Appraisals and performance management

Human resources will ensure the company’s twice yearly appraisals are conducted and ‘SMART’ objectives are set to all staff. We will track and monitor appraisal scores and training activities. We will also assist team leaders and managers in pinpointing poor performing staff members ensuring any underlying issues are identified. We will assist setting up and attending weekly meeting with the staff member and follow up on any objectives that haven’t been met.


Having read and evaluated just some of the key areas Human resource provide, you can see the overall benefits of having an engaged HR function not just support departments but to assist and support the overall business strategy.


CIPD Website:
Human Resource Practice Malcolm Martin and Fiona Whiting
6th Edition 2013
Page 9

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