Understanding Life Essay

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Understanding Life

The basic structural characteristics of each matter that exist in the planet are their atomic component. In this aspect, each matter that exists is made up by molecular yet significant atomic element compounded together to manifest as one material object. Thus, to critically and intrinsically understand the most common phenomenal events of the matter, one must take into account understanding the occurrences in the atomic composition of the involved objects. This concept is further elaborated in this paper through the explanation of two common scientific phenomenons in the environment.

How does glue or tape exactly stick to things? This occurrence is explained through the concept of adhesion wherein the atomic particles on the adhesive side of tape have a connecting structure making them attractive to the particles of the surface they come in contact with. This is likewise true in the case of the glue wherein the atomic particles of the glue is arrange in a structure that has many attractive ends to bind with the components they come in contact with. Another event in scientific event that can be explained by the concept of atomic structure and behavior is the evaporation of a puddle of water.

Water, as everyone might know, has atomic particles that are loosely intertwine with each other making the fluidity characteristic of the water. With the energy coming from the sun in the form of heat, the atomic particles of the puddle specifically the water is easily breakdown separating the basic elements of the water compound which is the gas. Thus, with the atomic particles broken down into gaseous element and dispersed in the environment, the puddle or water then evaporate into its gas state.

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