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Understanding Genre Of The Western Cinema

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Before taking this course my viewpoints regarding the western movies were totally different because at that time, I just watched the movies. I never thought about how they played the role in the movies, who is the producer/director of the movie. There are a lot of movies that are my favorite, but I did not think a lot about these movies that how they create and play these scenes, who create these types of amazing ideas.

But when I took this course, I understood that how these ideas were created, how they record or capture the visual effects and focus on the different scenes in the movies, who is the producer, director and actors of the movie. Now I know everything about the movie’s history, the iconic scenes, the actors and their performances. For example: Morgan Freeman, I saw him in many movies, but I wasn’t aware of his name or background. When an assignment came my way, I instantly thought of him and searched about him.

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It was then that I knew his name.


Yes, western movies genre remains important to contemporary culture and present-day society because western movies shows us the stories based on the reality or real events like what is happening around us or in our society. Through movies we can learn a lot of things like about their culture, customs, ethics and about their living style. Moreover, through western movies people learn a lot of new things because of this sometimes they leave their bad habits and try to become a good person in their personal life.

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And there are some things people are unable to tell others but through movies they express or show everything which will become easy to understand and for other people. Furthermore, contemporary movies show us only the one part of the society, but western movies also tell us about the harsh side of the society. Western movies also show that part of the society which we are not able to see in our society. So, because of this we are aware of everything that what is happening around us because of this we can broaden our thinking. Western movies show us everything in broaden which helps us to increase our knowledge. Western movies are a mirror to the actual reality, and it makes people realize that there are various sects of people living around them, what they think, how they react, what they do, etc. Movies help a person to know a lot about various aspects. There are different genres of movies depicting different stories. They help a person to grow to some extent.


My favorite video clip is The True Story of Sacajawea. This video clip is from weekly lecture one and here is the web link of this clip This is my favorite clip because this video clip shows about the whole life story of Sacajawea that even after being kidnapped. She did not lose expectation and kept living in present. It is surprising to perceive how a lady is so strong that she manages with everything that is experienced in her journey. Sacajawea dealt with each trouble and become a brave tour guide. It is amazing that how enthusiastic she was despite of her since adolescence. The editing and the portray of the video clip are very good. Moreover, the music playing behind the scenes was amazing.

Concluding the assignment, I would say that I really like the western movies more than the contemporary ones. They depict the modern society and its views rather than sticking firm to the traditional stories.

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