Understanding Federalism Based on the Section: Picket-Fence Federalism

Give your own interpretation of picket-fence federalism.List and explain at least three strategies states used to respond to welfare reform following the implementation of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996. Relate your answer specifically to state discretionary rule-making and changes in the categorization of case studies.My understanding of Picket fence federalism is all levels of the federal government working together to get things done.

This is a type of creative federalism created so that federal and state can become more interdependent on one another.

The federal government contributes to the picket fence theory by providing grant money to the states so that they can fix problem areas. The targeted areas of focus were fields of healthcare, welfare, education, employment and also training. The purpose of this was to try to put some power back to the state and local leaders with the help of federal money.

After the welfare reform there were provisions set in place for an individual to be eligible for welfare such as a time limit on benefits, work requirements and limiting public assistance for legal immigrants and the disabled.

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Every state has different eligibility requirements but for the most part the ultimate goal is to get people off welfare and in to the working world. Survey results done by Assessing the New Federalism (ANF) showed that a very low percentage of people got off welfare and didn’t return because they or their spouses were receiving income from a job; there was an even higher percentage of disabled individuals, or people, who could not keep a job because of no job skills or proper education

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Understanding Federalism Based on the Section: Picket-Fence Federalism

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