Understanding contesting claims about the pork barrel issue Essay

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Understanding contesting claims about the pork barrel issue

The talk started with the historical background of Priority Development Assistance Fund. It was truly insightful as I have come to learn when and how it was created. It was surprising to know the total amount of the PDAF that legislators get. I don’t think it is very reasonable for them to get that high amount. I stand with those who are pro to the abolition of PDAF since I learned and came to realize that the role of the legislators are to make laws.

Why would they need 200 Million to make laws, they definitely use the fund they get for their own benefits. It was also said in the talk that they get kickbacks to every project they would create or start. I don’t know how they can live without conscience because of the millions of pesos they steal from the hard work earned money of ordinary Filipino citizens. If the money was properly used we would probably have a better life in our country now. There would be lesser people who experience poverty.

If that money was properly used our country would have been more progressive. I am fuming mad for every political leaders who runs for position just to steal millions of money that is supposedly for the betterment of the citizens of our country and our country itself. The money would have been used to address many problems in health, housing, education, agriculture or even national security. It is sad that those type of leaders get elected because of many citizens of our country do not vote wisely or their vote was bought or there was a fraud in the elections.

Those political leaders who seek to steal money from the hardworking citizens should be jailed and suffer for the consequence they did. The talk served as an awakening to us students to the reality of politics. The political leaders should do their jobs properly because the ones who suffer from their wrong doings are the ordinary citizens of our country because they don’t get and enjoy the benefits they should have received.

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