Understanding Business Research and Concepts Essay

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Understanding Business Research and Concepts

There are many different types of quantitative data collection instruments and sampling methods available to researchers. The ones that I have picked for the purpose of his paper are questionnaire, sampling and surveying. Each can be a value to a researcher when completed with accuracy.

Validity is the degree to which an instrument measure what it is purports to measure. Invalid instruments can lead to erroneous research conclusions, which in turn can influence educational decisions. Reliability is the internal consistency or stability of the measuring device over time (Gay, 1996). A questionnaire is a series of questions ask to the subject to get responsive directly from the subjects. Questionnaires are widely used especially in descriptive survey studies. Surveying collects factual data from participants and gain opinions.

The first of two research articles I picked was “A descriptive study of workplace conflict management styles,” The study has a non-experimental, descriptive, and quantitative research design, a sample size of 103 employees working in financial, IT, academic and marketing sectors were analyzed (stratified random sampling was used for the purpose). Statistical measures like Cranach’s alpha, independent samples t test, bivariate correlation, robust tests for equality of means, multiple comparisons (Turkey HSD) and chi square tests were employed to analyze the data. Research revealed that employees of fairer sex in Indian organizations used integrating, compromising and avoiding styles of interpersonal conflict handling. Dominating and obliging styles were followed by males and same was true for all the employees as their age increased.

Additionally, employees having superior income and work experience were found to be less integrative and more dominating in their management of conflict. Further, marital status of the employees also affected the conflict handling style. Interpersonal conflict understanding is crucial for smooth functioning of the organizations. Managers today are devising innovative handling techniques as conflict poses a great challenge for them. The present study can facilitate the management practitioners in understanding the concept and its implications. (Abbas, 2012).

Tukey HSD test shows that there is significant difference in dominating conflict handling style only among the undergraduate and post graduate employees (p answers are able to give you trusted results.

Using qualitative research design methods is most essential when dealing with business research. Understanding how numbers and data effect a business’ growth and production are essential in determining what is making or breaking a company’s vision. Profit is understandably the primary goal of any business; however, qualitative data is most essential when determining data on what products, programs, or ideas are attractive to a potential or current customer. Using qualitative analysis will help in making the right choices and provide quality overview for necessary adjustments.

One of the largest understandings of Adobe was unmet customer needs. Their belief was that even in an age of collecting data, no light can be shed on the gap of unmet customer needs. By determining what customers needed by using surveys, collecting email comments and letters, and by communicating with people and businesses, Adobe believed that it could continuously make adjustments to their programming to satisfy the needs of customers and potential customers. Keeping the questions simple, the ideas of Adobe and its future were generated through a series of questions that customers could answer. Without going too much into detail, customers could have simple questions answered, and thus be more satisfied, which in return generated more business. Some of the sample questions derived from (adobepress.com) are as follows:

“Why do customers come to the business? Why do they leave? Do customers understand what the business has to offer? Do customers want what the business has to offer? Is there anything customers want from the business that it is not providing? When analytics data shows areas of concern—for example, high drop-off rates, repeat page views, and so on—what are the reasons for the customers’ actions? Which product or service is most important to customers?

The above questions were a qualitative aspect design in an attempt to conduct research and analyze that research to better serve the customer. Providing customers with a questionnaire template, allowed for millions of reviews and feedback. Taking this research and feedback allowed Adobe to make adjustments where needed and ultimately provide the customer and or business with a better product. Updating and revamping programming through technological advancements has been key to the Adobe enterprise when satisfying its customers. The desire and key aspect of successful qualitative research is being able to see ones business and products through the eyes of the customer. When one puts his/herself in this predicament, one will see the significance of such important research and designs methods as in qualitative research analysis.

Abbas, S. M. (2012, Jul-dec). A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY OF WORKPLACE CONFLICT MANAGEMENT STYLES IN INDIAN ORGANIZATIONS. Retrieved from ProQuest: http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/docview/1524709477?pq-origsite=summon LUND, D. A. (2013). Laird Statistics. Retrieved from Descriptive and Inferential Statistics: https://statistics.laerd.com/aboutus.php Troshani, I.R. (2007, Oct-Dec 98-105,107-111). Drivers and Inhibitors to XBRL Adoption: A Qualitative Approach to Build a Theory in Under-Researched Areas. Retrieved from International Journal of E-Business Research: http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/docview/222302520?pq-origsite=summon

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