Understand what is required for competence in own work role

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When you are working in the work place you need to make sure you understand and respect people’s equality and diversity. You can’t let your own opinion obstruct the quality of your work this means you can’t go and talk about someone’s equality or diversity you also can’t comment on the way they are living there life. If somebody who was from another religion or who lived a different culture came into woldingham nursery class I would ask the parent of the child questions on the way she is encouraging her son or daughter to live there life.

I would not comment on her culture race or parenting skills because it is not my place to say. If someone came into the nursery and were discriminating against another family or child I would remind them of the rules and regulations within the nursery if they persisted being disrespectful or rude I would get the manager of the nursery and let her deal with the situation.

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Shc 23 understand the importance of equality and inclusion..

When you are working with children you need to be very careful about discrimination and make sure it doesn’t happen. Discrimination can happen in a lot of ways I will list some examples below:

Don’t favour a group: this means you can’t leave certain children out and favour others because it is favouritism and this is not good for the child character building. This may also mean another child will feel left out.

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if a child hasn’t been washed or cleaned properly and smells a little bit you cant just ignore them you have to encourage the other children to play with the child and treat the child just as equally as everyone else. Lesbian/ gay:

if a child is bought in by too same sex parent gay/lesbian it is no reason for the child to be discriminated against of favoured you have to treat the parents and the child equally to everyone else. Race or gender:

If there is a child that is a different race to all the other children it is good to encourage them to play with the other children so he or she will be included and won’t feel left out I would do this but putting them in a group with people there same age. Including them in activities and games. Making sure they have a play on as well as all the other children.

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