Understand the role of the social care worker Essay

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Understand the role of the social care worker

1.1 in a working relationship is different because of boundaries, professional codes of conduct, employer policies and procedures. in a working relationship you would be friendly have a different approach and treat people with equality you would know your role and your responsibility’s you would not share personal information as you would with friends.

1.2 In the health and social care setting there are many different working relationships. These relationships will include colleagues, manager, doctors/district nurse, service users and their family and friends. For each you will develop a different type of working relationship and some will be more formal than others You would not address a visiting doctor in the same manner as you would a service user although you must always remain in a professional manner.

2.1 Because this sets out boundaries in your job role , enables you to know your role and responsibility’s, knowing your own level of competence and skills to know your job description

2.2 Working within the rules set out by your employer. Following policies and procedures of the company.

2.3 Its Important to have up to date agreed ways of working because there may be changes in the policies within the law. And Your company may have to implement them to help protect the vulnerable.

3.1 It is important to make sure that you work in partnership with all of the people surrounding the individuals that you are supporting. in order to ensure the best possible support and care is provided.

3.2 Good communication systems, face to face meetings understanding each other’s roles and problems and things in place to resolve conflicts

3.3 Remaining calm, ending the conflict before it escalates and remaining respectful of others, adopt an open-minded, non-judgemental approach discuss differences in a calm and in a professional manner and good negotiation skills.

3.4  Partnership working you could speak to your manger/colleagues, look at your policies and procedures or speak to the person you are working in partnership with if your not sure or do not understand resolving conflicts you could speak to your manger/colleagues , social services , CQC , look on the internet or your policies and procedures trade union if you don’t feel compliant to deal with the situation.

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