Understand The Role Of The Social Care Worker Essay

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Understand The Role Of The Social Care Worker

1.1 A working relationship is different from a personal relationship. In a working relationship there are set boundaries which can never be crossed and must remain professional at all times. You do not share personal information about yourself or your family. You should always treat everyone equally regardless of your personal opinions and never force your opinions onto anyone, follow your works policies and procedures at all times.

A personal relationship is the opposite you don’t have policy and procedures to follow, a personal relationship is much more relaxed and you show each other affection tell each other private things, you share personal information like mobile numbers with family and friends they also know your address. There are no risk assessments or care plans to complete.

1.2 There are lots of different roles which lead to lots of different working relationships. These can differ greatly, when speaking to care workers or other support workers is professional it is a lot less formal than when you speak with a manager, or a doctor that comes to visit a service user the way you address them is much more formal, again when service users family or friends visit it is much more informal but you should always be professional.

Understand the importance of working in ways that are agreed with the employer

2.1 It is important to adhere to the scope of the job role because when an employee first starts working they have agreed to adhere to it, and it is a legal responsibility to stay within your job role. This creates a good and effective working environment. By being accountable for your own actions and being respectful of others job roles; it makes an effective working environment to work in.

2.2 Agreed ways of working means following policies and procedures, following individual care plans accordingly, this will also include risk assessments that are in place and following any codes of conduct. An agreed way of working is working to the standard that was agreed at the beginning of the employer contract. This enables you to work effectively and helps to protect and care for the service users.

2.3 The importance of full and up to date agreed ways of working is the first thing that is put into place before anyone is put into a social care environment. You have a job description which you should read fully. It means that you agree to follow the agreed ways of working to the policies and procedure standards; you should also know that you have the skills and experience to be able to do that job. It is very important to keep up to date with service users care plans and risk assessments also company policies and procedures. Without up to date information the safety and well being of the service users are put at risk and you could be breaking the law. If there were no agreed ways of working put in place it would be impossible to know what was expected of the individual and make it more difficult to care for the vulnerable in our care.

Understand the importance of working in partnership with others

3.1 Working in partnership with others can help you with tasks that would be difficult to do on your own. This could be another colleague helping to make checks on medication and booking them in. Other people you can benefit from working in a partnership could be the families of service users, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, care workers, advocates, and other health care workers and professionals. These people could help with information that will help you to do your job better by supporting you with any problems you might have, for instance if you have a problem communicating with a service user, by talking to their family or a friend and working together can help you by making suggestions of methods of communication for the service user, or even communicating with the service user themselves to help to reach a solution. With help from others it will make it easier to reach a level of work that you aim for, this makes it possible to care for service users as fully as possible.

3.2 You can improve partnership working by attending training sessions, and by knowing your roles and responsibilities, and everyone knowing the policies and procedures. It is also a good thing to have good communication between everyone involved. This can make working much easier and efficient. Another way could be by giving honest and unbiased information and opinions to people you work with, this will help to build a bond of trust, and would encourage them to act in the same manner towards you. By doing this it can help provide the best possible care for the service user.

3.3 Try to handle conflict situations by remaining calm, ending the conflict before it starts to escalate and gets worse. Remain respectful of others be open minded don’t be judgemental. There may be times when this is not possible and the following are required. Avoid rising challenges or suggestions you are incorrect.

Ask colleagues to listen to you and respect your opinions, but you should be respectful to theirs too. If there is conflict with a colleague and you cannot resolve it then you need to speak to your manager. Always be professional and use your listening skills acknowledge what they are saying by nodding your head, repeat what the other person has said to you, this shows that you are listening to them and not ignoring them which could make matters worse, and show understanding. You should ask your manager for support and guidance if you need it. You should not let your personal feelings affect your professional manner or judgement. This is important as remaining calm can often defuse a conflict situation.

3.4 You can access support and advice about the partnership working to help resolve conflicts from either colleagues, manager, and other social care bodies. The advice is invaluable because of their experience and knowledge in offering ways and methods when dealing with conflicts or partnership working. The manager could help you with the legal side of things and offer professional solutions to conflicts with higher bodies, such as social services or outside agencies. Anytime you have a concern regarding partnership working speaking to any of the above will help to resolve the conflict.

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