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Understand the Effects of Sport in the Development of Children Essay

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Social effects

Children who regular play sport have showed differences compared with those who don’t. There are many social factors but I have highlighted the main ones. These social factors can be used later in life maybe to have respect for work colleagues.

Learning respect for others

When participating in local sports teams children tend to have respect for their team mates, but also their opponents. Due to the sex difference during school boys tend to be outside whereas girls play indoors.

Because of boy playing sport outside they tend to learn goal setting, independent roles, techniques to improve performance and settle dispute. Whereas girls tend to cooperate better and have good patience.

Development of coping ability

When children play matches or games there are only one winning team but there is also a losing team. When losing the children will have to cope with disappointment and have respect for teamwork and the opposing team. When winning it will teach the children to have respect for the opposing side.

Improved cooperation skills

A successful team will need to cooperate to do well in a competition, so when children play in a competition in a team sport the performers will need to cooperate with each other, when older they can cooperate with people and consider other peoples feelings and views.

Improved emotional wellbeing

Participating in regular sports can decrease stress, it has been shown that boy and girls who play for teams have shown a greater ability to relax and avoid headache and back pains to those who don’t play regular sports.

Psychological effects

Playing sport at an early age can have psychological effects which include an increase of motor skills, development of a sense of success and failure, these all can be used later in life.

Increase range of motor skills

Coaches and family encourage their children to play a range of sport because regular participation in sports improves hand eye coordination, coordination and balance. This means they will be good at a range of sports and when they grow up they can use these motor skills to understand tasks.

Greater confidence and self esteem

Children who participate in sport tend to more confident in their ability’s compared to those who don’t. This means they will be comfortable in social situations and when a challenge comes across they will find a solution.

Developed sense of success and failure

As a regular participant in sport you will have to face success and failure when losing you will need to accept your loss and look where you went wrong, when winning you will need to have respect for your opponent.

Increased motivation

Children play sport for many reasons they can include pride, challenge of competition, desire and determination to succeed. These reasons will make children determined and motivated to succeed in their sport.

Physiological effects

Physiological effects can include a number of factors which include improved general health and improved fitness.

Improved general health

Sports serve as an excellent physical exercise. Those who play sports have a more positive body image than those who do not. Playing sports often involves physical activities like running, jumping and stretching and moreover a constructive expenditure of energy. Playing sports since an early age strengthens the bones and muscles and tones one’s body. Thus sports provide the body with a complete exercise.

Improved fitness

After all, nearly every sport involves some kind of physical exercise, which is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. While a single sport can still do wonders for your body, by participating in a variety of them, you can work different muscles. For example, while football is more about strength, rugby involves more speed.

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