Understand Person Centred Approaches In Adult Social Care Settings

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The term person centred values means that people I support and care for are associated with all elements of their care. This means I develop whatever I do around the person I am supporting letting them have control of their own support and care offering my service users Choice, Rights, Independence, Self-respect and Respect.

see more:< a href ="/ person-centred-approaches-in-adult-social-care-essay" title="describe how the holistic requirements of a person can be attended to by active involvement

” > describe how the holistic requirements of a person can be attended to by active involvement 1.

2 This is essential due to the fact that this includes that I follow the policies and procedures ensuring I meet the requirements of my service users and treat them as I would like to be dealt with also ensuring an excellent quality of life for my service users. It is necessary that I follow their care plans and understand how their care practices should be performed.

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2.1 I can discover my service users history by checking out their private care plans or any other documentation concerning my service user. Likewise I can find out by spending quality time with my service users and discovering their history which will assist me find out more about the individual assisting me find out about the individual’s requirements, likes and dislikes. Also I can speak with my associates at my work location and the individual’s household’s aswel.

2.2 I would do this by engaging with my service users, Respecting their own individual views and beliefs making certain I plan a personalised approach that is appropriate to each person that I support.

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2.3 Using care plans guarantees that I can acknowledge each person’s different cultures or beliefs. This likewise guarantees that I am giving the appropriate care to each individual. For instance the person may have communication issues.

3.1 The term consent is a contract to either a action or a decision which can be either verbal, written or through a representative or advocate of that individual.

3.2 It is crucial to have consent by my service users since it not only secures me from any legal obstacles but to recognise the rights of that individual. Not having consent can be viewed as abuse.


Establishing consent will always vary depending on the individuals capacity to consent but it is an informed agreement.


When consent cannot be established I must not carry out the activity or care, I must stop what I am doing and report to my manager then report and document any refusal of consent. I could also go back again and ask as the individual as they may of misheard or not of understood properly, but when doing this I must be careful not to put any pressure on the individual.


The term Active Participation means that every individual that I support has a right to be involved in every aspect of their life. For example choice of clothing, choice of food and what activities they would like to do.


This benefits my service users because it gives them a sense of well being or purpose. This helps them to be more independent and more confident in doing things for themselves, and gives them a sense of achievement instead of feeling useless and isolated.


There are many barriers that could stop active participation for example; Lack of confidence, The individual may not be willing to engage in activities. The service user could also be ill or injured meaning that this will stop active participation in a activity that the individual loves to do.


There are many ways of encouraging active participation such as talking to and finding out what activity the individual would like to do and plan around that and encourage the individual. You can also use friends or family to help encourage aswel. Other methods can be pointing out the benefits to the individual of doing the activity.


I would support an individual to make an informed choice by making sure I collect all relevant information to help them make that decision. I would also consider that some of the people I support may need me to give them extra support to make that decision. But I must ensure that I do not pressure them as it is their choice.


Risk taking can be apart of every individuals choice they make because every decision that a person can make can be labelled as risky by myself or my colleagues .I could always try and offer other options or discuss the risks with the individual but it is that individuals choice if they want to engage in the activity.


They are used to help me access the stages of risk linked with that activity, The safety of the individual and myself, List of the support that is required to minimise the risks, A record of the agreement and the monitoring of the situation and activity. They are also used to help me write evaluations and reviews.


My personal views should not influence an individual that I support because that individual will know what they are comfortable with or could even be based on their personal experience, I must ensure that I remember that different people have their own views and beliefs. By doing this will be giving the individual self confidence, independence and self belief.


I would support them by helping that person overcome any barriers that might have been put in place. I will also help them to question their rights and challenge any decisions that they are not agreeing with, I will provide advice, encouragement if they ask me for support.


Every person has their own different well-being. An individual could have religious, cultural and sexual differences so by allowing the individual to believe and embrace these, i am allowing my service user to build his or hers self esteem and make them have their own identity.


As a care worker I should make it my job to recognise their values and beliefs, I must support and encourage them and make sure they are not ignored. I should also consider how my service user will have developed their own image and my attitude and approach should promote this.


There are many ways to contribute which are social environment or physical environment. physical environment could be that the individuals bedroom or personal belongings make them feel safe. Social environment could be there own personal boundaries or even their feelings.

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Understand Person Centred Approaches In Adult Social Care Settings

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