Understand Person Centred Approaches: Description and Explanation

1.1 Describe person centred approaches
1.2 Explain why person-centred values must influence all aspects of social care work 1.3 Explain how person-centred values should influence all aspects of social care work 2. Understand how to implement a person-centred approach in an adult social care setting 2.1 Explain how finding out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual contributes to their care plan 2.2 Describe ways to put person centred values into practice in a complex or sensitive situation 2.3Evaluate the use of care plans in applying person centred values

2.4Explain the importance of monitoring an individual’s changing needs or preferences 3. Understand the importance of establishing consent when providing care or support 3.1 Describe factors that influence the capacity of an individual to express consent 3.2 Explain how to establish consent for an activity or action 3.3Explain what steps to take if consent cannot be readily established 4. Understand how to implement and promote active participation

4.1 Explain the principles of active participation
4.2 Explain how the holistic needs of an individual can be addressed by active participation 4.

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3 Explain how to work with an individual and others to agree how active participation will be implemented 4.4Explain how to promote the understanding and use of active participation 5.Understand how
to support an individual’s right to make choices 5.1Describe different approaches to support an individual to make informed choices 5.2Describe how to support an individual to question or challenge decisions concerning them that are made by others 5.3Explain the consequences of allowing the personal views of others to influence an individual’s choices 6.

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Understand how to promote individual’s well-being

6.1 Explain the links between identity, self image and self esteem 6.2Explain factors that contribute to the well-being of an individual 6.3 Explain the importance of supporting an individual in a way that promotes their sense of identity, self image and self esteem 6.4 Describe ways to contribute to an environment that promotes well-being 7. Understand the role of risk assessment in enabling a person centred approach 7.1 Compare different uses of risk assessment in adult social care settings 7.2 Explain how risk assessment relate to rights and responsibilities 7.3 Explain how risk-taking relate to rights and responsibilities 7.4 Explain why risk assessments need to be regularly revised 7.5 Explain the importance of using agreed risk assessment processes to support choice

Additional information about the unit
Unit purpose and aim(s)
This unit develops the understanding of person centred support as a fundamental principle of adult social care. This unit is aimed at those who are interested in, or new to working in social care settings with adults. Unit expiry date

Details of the relationship between the unit and relevant national occupational standards or other professional standards or curricula (if appropriate) HSC 35, 332, 350

Guidance for developing assessment arrangements for the unit (if appropriate) Person centred values include:

An Individual is someone requiring care or support

Complex or sensitive situations may include those that are:
Distressing or traumatic
Threatening or frightening
Likely to have serious implications or consequences
Of a personal nature
Involving complex communication or cognitive needs

A Care Plan may be known by other names (eg: support plan, individual plan). It is the document where day to day requirements and preferences for care and support are detailed.

Consent means informed agreement to an action or decision; the process of establishing consent will vary according to an individual’s assessed capacity to consent.

Active Participation is a way of working that recognises an individual’s right to participate in the activities and relationships of everyday life as independently as possible; the individual is regarded as an active partner in their own care or support, rather than a passive recipient.

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