Understand partnership working Essay

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Understand partnership working

A team must have effective partnership to ensure that their nursery runs smoothly and successfully, meeting all the children’s and their families needs.

Staff members must have good working practice, communicate with each other and support each other to implement the day to day running on the nursery. Staff must create positive relationships with each other, children, parents and other professionals to learn about each individual child and their needs. Therefore they can all devise age appropriate activities for all children and help them reach their full potential.

During the child’s induction, the child’s key-worker and parents must collect information about the child, as well as going through the nursery’s routine and policies. Staff must be aware that the parents/carers know there child best and to respect their wishes and work together to support their child. If staff and parents build a good relationship the parents may be more open to share information about their child and the home-life, as well as take an interest in what their child is doing at nursery.

Staff and parents communicate on a daily basis to learn about the child’s morning. Eg: Did they have a good night? Have they had breakfast? As these factors may effect the child during the day. It is important that the child’s key-worker communicates any information on to other colleagues about the child so they can support the child throughout the day. Staff must also exchange any information, phone messages, policy updates on a daily basis. Managers must relay any important information to staff or volunteers that work part-time hours or have been absent.

Staff members have weekly staff meetings to communication any updates and concerns they have about a child or the team. Staff members also have the opportunity to express their concerns in 1:1 meetings with the manager or deputy. Staff can also read any updates from a ‘staff message book’ regarding updates, news, children, concerns, which would be kept in locked cabinet. Parents too have access to a message book to communicate non-confidential information to staff about their child.

Managers and staff members attend regular training sessions from the councils, to get updates on the curriculum, policies and procedures and other support they may need. Nurseries work alongside the council, arranging regular visits to support the managers and staff in the nursery in the running of the nursery, updates and prepare for their Ofsted visit. Nurseries have a good working relationship with other professionals eg: speech and language teams, health visitors, family workers, as well as their local children’s centers. When all professionals and parents/carers involved in a child’s life work together, it benefits that child and gives better outcomes. Everyone is able to see a better on the children and have a good insight of how much guidance and support the families may need.

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