Understand How to Improve Own Performance Essay

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Understand How to Improve Own Performance

1.1Explain the purpose and benefits of continuously improving performance at work It is important that I continuously improve my performance so that I can grow along with the company and complete my work to the required standard. By continually improving myself I can keep myself challenged and stop myself getting bored of the job, which will always keep me interested. Also improving myself can benefit the company, learning new skills can allow me to take on harder more skilled tasks. This will help take the work load from my other colleagues. This will help the office to run more efficiently.

1.2Explain the purpose and benefits of encouraging and accepting feedback from others Feedback has many benefits when improving my skills within the office. Positive feedback can help boost moral within the office and help the employees feel appreciated. This helps to keep work standards high, and maintains a good environment within the office. Negative feedback isn’t always a bad thing; it can help to outline areas where my managers or colleagues feel I need improvement. I can then discuss with them how I could improve this in the future. This can help the overall running of the office and continually improve our work.

1.3Explain how learning and development can improve own work, benefit organisations, and identify career options Learning and development can help improve my own work greatly, by learning new aspects of the business I can help out my colleagues with jobs that I previously couldn’t carry out. This will lessen the work load that is carried out by my colleagues, which will benefit my organisation as the work can be completed a lot quicker as there are more people capable of doing it. By carrying out this NVQ I can improve my own career options. Previously I had no formal qualifications relating to the job that I carry out. However this can help to further my career for myself and for the business, as I can now apply for internal jobs that previously I was not qualified for.

1.4Describe possible career progression routes Currently I am part of Wincanton’s agency team, Prime Time. The next stage in my career that I hope to achieve is to be employed in full time employment. If I achieve this then there are many other jobs within the company that I could progress to. If I was to stay within the admin office I could try to become a supervisor or team leader, or there are many other areas that I could apply for, like the stocks department or the finance department. However some of these jobs may not be available to me without further qualifications. I hope to carry out more of these at a later stage in my career; these could include further NVQ’s or even higher qualifications from the Open University.

1.5Describe possible development opportunities Within our business we print of POD’s for customers, this requires a lot of paper to be used. The capability of technology is improving every day; in the future the POD’s may be accessible via computers. If this was to happen I would need to develop my skills towards maintaining this and carrying out the day to day running. Another option could be to improve on my computer skills. Administration is highly dependable on technology as we use computers for all of the tasks that we carry out. In the future the technology may greatly improve this could mean that my current knowledge of the computer systems become irrelevant. A development for myself could be that I take some courses in ICT to improve my skills and knowledge of how a computer works.

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