Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health and social care Essay

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Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health and social care

Unit 201 – Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health, social care or children and young people’s settings. Describe the terms and conditions of own contract of employment. Probation period:

When I joined Children 4 Most I was told I was on a 6 month probation period, This means that the management are able to terminate my contract if the company is unsatisfied with my working standards. Place of Work:

I was also told that I may have to work at other locations for the nursery’s needs.

Pay arrangements:
My pay is £433 a month which is paid Into my bank account in or around the 23rd of each month. I am also entitled to £150 bonus every 3 months; this is given to each staff member if they haven’t had a sick day or been late to work in the 3 month period. Contracted Hours:

My hours of work are 35 hours a week, A Monday to Friday arrangement. Holidays:
My holiday year runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March. I am entitled to 28 days holidays which include the days I have to take for Bank Holidays. Holiday Pay:
Holiday pay will be at the normal rate pay.

Notice period:
If I choose to leave within my first month of being with the company a notice period is not permitted, However If I have been working with the company longer than 1 month a 1 week period will be provided, If I will have been with the company longer than 6 month’s a 4 week notice is required. Confidentiality:

Should I breach this it may result in my contract being terminated. However if a child is believe to be in need or at risk of suffering harm, Legal advice should be obtained.

Describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip. My salary should be shown and the hours which I have worked, Also the rate of my pay for example 433.3300. Also the date of the payslip, the tax code and employee number, The net pay and also my name. Total gross pay, Gross for tax, Tax paid, Earnings for National Insurance and also My National Insurance number. Explain what could happen when not carrying out the correct requirements of your role.

If I didn’t carry out the correct requirements the children may not get the correct care that should be given. The nursery may also receive a visit from OFSTED and they may close down the nursery or change the rating for example from outstanding to pass, Parents may also take their children out of the nursery which may cause the nursery to close down. Explain how your role contributes to the overall delivery of then service provided.

I provide all the correct care to ensure all the children’s needs are all correctly met and that they are happy and learning to all of their abilities. I have lots of responsibilities around the nursery from maintaining care of the children to protecting them and encouraging them with their learning. I also have to monitor the children and check the register frequently and carry out head count checks every 30 minutes. I also have close bonds with the parents and when carrying out activities making sure the safety aspects are all addressed and followed. If the correct care wasn’t provided, overall care may be dropped and accidents may happen.

Explain how you could influence the quality of the service provided by – following the best practice within your work role. In a great position to influence a quality of care by setting standards of care, I show respect towards the children at all I times, I allow each child to have one and one time with me and I also allow each child to talk when they would like something. I deal with private situations with great respect for a example toilet routines, I encourage each child to close the toilet door behind them and I encourage each child to wipe themselves independently and pull up their clothing before they have opened the toilet door. Identify the personal information that must be kept up to date with your employer.

The information includes:
* name
* address
* date of birth
* sex
* education and qualifications
* work experience
* National Insurance number
* tax code
* details of any known disability
* emergency contact details

Explain agreed ways of working with employer.

Without a job description you wouldn’t be able to apply for the job as you wouldn’t know what roles and responsibilities the job would entitle. Your employer will also have agreed on your pay and the benefits you may or may not get within the job for example a company car, you will have agreed to this by signing a contract.

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