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Unconventional Learners Do Not Make the Grade

“Read-Only Participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes’ discusses the formation of an online community as the most significant criterion for efficacious completion and is contingent on collaboration between peers and instructor. Beaudoin reasoned that online students occasionally absorb and acquire knowledge while not taking part in online discussions. There was a diverse sampling method to scrutinize how online activity and discussion postings compared to learning and course completion.

It was also investigated how student shared conduct and assimilation into the community linked to attainment.

Although the quantifiable guides measured showed decidedly substantial differences amongst the stratifications of student performance, there were remarkable exceptions not able to be explained. Students had issues ranging from connectivity to high costs in connecting. Online course admissions continue to increase, retention and success rates in such courses and programs are frequently reported as typically lower than those delivered in a traditional classroom format.

Those in leadership roles that support online students want to play a major role in reversing that movement.

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Their research indicates that online participation is essential to guarantee positive course completion. Clark and Feldon (2005) determined that an instructor which interacts with students assists students from dropping their course. A student that participates and become part of a cybernetic community allows them to have ‘buy in’ and participate with their ongoing education.

Some participants’ were required to participate as part of the study felt they learned adequately by mere observation. This article responds to Beaudoin’s (2002) article ‘‘Learning or lurking? Students still learn by just signing into class and not participating in online conversations.

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Students gather knowledge by just reading conversations placed by other students. Some measure the success of online learners’ perception of knowledge and course throughput rates.

Drop-out rates for online courses range from 20 to 50%, which is often 10–20% higher than for equivalent courses. Having the proper frame of mind can actually would positively affect the outcome for a student’s success. A learning management system actually tracks progress and performance and discloses students that do not log in to their online classroom or those that log in that do not participate. Some students do not appreciate the benefits of actively participating in online discussions.

On-line discussions that are facilitated with guidance can be created to include the students that are withdrawn and enable all to participate. It seems clear that the amount of times students log into their classes, contribute to the various discussions and replies to other classmates, they become part of the learning community and the ability to relate to the course at hand is linked to positive course completing.

Although the metrics, have poor individual analytical significance due to the range of students in the regiment encompassed numerous exceptions. However, it seems relevant that only students that participated in the class or interacted with the instructor completed the course successfully. So it seems that if one is an unconventional learner they must participate in classroom activities in order to successfully complete their courses.

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