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Uncompromising Integrity

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Essay, Pages 8 (1843 words)



Essay, Pages 8 (1843 words)

Our company is established on trust and then we manage it morally, legally and reasonably. It is our target to direct business with respectable clients and business partners who are related to legal business activities. We don’t encourage illegal tax avoidance.

Clients Interest:

Nothing we do can potentially compare to shielding and preserving our clients’ legitimate interests. We hold responsibilities towards our clients in the highest respect.


We buckle down every day to contract the very best people, stimulate them, remunerate them and endorse them to improve.

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Our company is an equivalent open door employer.

Zeal for Performance:

We contribute to our Company’s financial goals and concentrate on accomplishing greater results.

A Culture of Distinction:

We measure our exhibition on each task we attempt by the outcome in addition to because of the nature of your work.

A Tradition of Success:

Although we are reasonable and moral consistently, we contend decently with all the quality while the cost of our inventive products and services, not by offering ill-advised advantageous assets to others.

Employees are not permitted to use their jobs to solicit, to request, acknowledge, get or be promised advantages.


Motor Insurance

We offer total Auto insurance policies for the 2 individuals and corporate clients, covering theft, snatching, equipped hold up, accidental damage, outsider liability and terrorism. This is certainly supported up utilizing the freedom to own your vehicle fixed in the workshop of your decision.

Property Insurance

This covers insurance for factories, offices and homes and coverage against fire/lightning and associated perils like Impact damage, Storms, Earthquakes Rain/Flood damage, Riot and Strike damage, Burglary, and Malicious damage.

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Marine Insurance

Covers imports exports of consignments, loss or damage of cargo during transit via air, sea and rail/street. In addition, it covers dispatch of finished goods from the insured’s production line to anyplace inside and outside Pakistan.

Agriculture Insurance

We give insurance policy against agriculture loans disbursed by banks, which cover insurance of crops and livestock, in addition to ranch implements like tractors and harvesters.

Travel Insurance

We give bank guarantees to visit agents and travel cover service for the corporate clients, individuals, students and special packages for Hajj and Umrah visit operators and groups. Our travel insurance policies are affirmed for travel far and wide.

Miscellaneous Insurance

We also give customized insurance solutions to our corporate clients, the covers go through the insurance of engineering projects to electrical gear and hardware breakdown, temporary worker all risks, erection all risk, bonds, and guarantees.

Health Insurance

We give health insurance services to corporate employees and their loved ones to safe make preparations for injuries and accidents in the course of day by day life. We have been all so giving personal accident insurance to individuals and special policy for school going, kids.


Motor Takaful

We provide total Auto Takaful plans for the two individuals and corporate clients, covering theft, snatching, outfitted hold up, accidental damage, outsider liability and terrorism. This can be supported up with the freedom to own your automobile fixed at the workshop of your personal decision.

Property Takaful

Property Takaful covers factories, offices, and homes and give coverage against fire and lightning and associated perils like Riot and Strike Damage, Malicious Damages, Atmospheric Disturbance, Earthquakes Rain/Flood damage, Burglary, Impact damage, Standard Explosion, Aircraft damage.

Marine Takaful

Covers imports exports of consignments, loss or damage of cargo during transit via air, sea and rail/street. Moreover, it covers dispatch of finished goods from the member’s production line to anyplace outside and inside Pakistan.

Miscellaneous Takaful

We also give customized takaful answers to our corporate clients, the covers extend through the takaful of engineering projects to electrical gear and apparatus breakdown, contractual worker all risks, erection all risk, cash takaful, reinforced glass.

Health Takaful

We give health takaful services to corporate employees and their loved ones to safe make preparations for injuries and accidents for the duration of day by day life. We are also giving personal accident takaful to individuals.

Structure and functions of the Accounts & Finance Department

The department of Finance and Accounts (F&A) is in charge of all matters identifying with Finance and Accounting functions of the ASIC. To empower it to play out its statutory responsibility.

Every one of these divisions anyway reports administratively to the CFO through the DGM and GM for the respective department. As an assistant, I had worked with the lesser executives fortunately beneath the supervision for the CFO shown when you look at the chart underneath.

Authorities and Responsibilities of Accounts & Finance Department

The money and accounts department of ASIC takes responsibility for sorting out the financial and accounting affairs including the preparation and presentation of proper accounts, and the provision of financial data for managers and stakeholders.

It will be one of the most significant departments associated with the head office of ASIC. It’s possible to have a total perspective from the functions and every month expenses associated with the company through the fund and accounts department. The functions the department incorporate managing, controlling and recording the inflow and outflow of cash from the regular schedule to every month and yearly basis. It is troublesome employment to record all of the use of the business which advances the importance of account department within the company. The basic functions for the department of finance & accounts are as follows:

  • Planning & establishing a budget
  • Posting (Underwriting, journals, etc.)
  • Billing and keeping a proper record
  • Petty cash management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Maintain cash book & bank book
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Tax & VAT calculation
  • Conducting an internal audit through the interior control unit
  • Financial reporting into the management & to your stakeholders when needed
  • Maintaining payroll
  • Maintaining liaison with the banks & other financial organizations etc.

Chief Finance Officer

Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) play a strategic and top leadership job in the financial management and operations of a link. They regularly lead an organization’s accounting, income, and cash departments, focusing on accomplishing and anticipating amazing financial health for the company. They lead in the detailing of development strategies, spending plans, and internal policies while also ensuring consistency to pertinent industry standards and regulations. CFOs keep operations lined up because of the association’s short-term and long-haul financial goals. With the exception of a bank CEO or executive of a financial institution, here is the highest possible position for a free account focused professional.


Accountants get ready and assess financial documents, making certain records each and every single financial transaction including taxes, asset reports, cash stream documents, and pay statements are exact and fit in with government and global accounting standards.

Accounts Assistant

Accounts assistants help encourage and record their company’s financial transactions such as for instance payments, service bills, invoices, purchase orders, payroll, reimbursements, and other financial processes. They record every one of these transactions, balance associated accounts, and enter/confirm/update data by way of a client database or accounting software.


Auditors confirm the exactness of financial statements and various business documents. These professionals regularly attest towards the veracity of business records and tend to be employed to analyze and distinguish accounting/bookkeeping errors, misrepresentations, inadequacies, and extortion. Auditors also help to keep up narrative consistency with pertinent standards, regulations, or policies.


Bookkeeping, auditing, and accounting clerks get ready, analyze, approve, and record financial documents such as invoices, service bills, financial statements, purchase orders, taxation forms, payroll, and sales reports. It works with top management, departmental heads, and different stakeholders to make certain financial decisions are cost-productive and lead to better profitability for the association.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts get ready budget reports planned for helping organizations screen budget, rationalize costs, and equalization their finances. They survey historical budget allocations, perform cost analyses, and gives insight on how best to ensure that the association achieves an excellent financial position contrasted with past audit periods.

Finance Administrator

Finance administrators help plan, perform, and manage an expansive scope of accounting, financial, and budgetary functions. They look at the completeness and exactness of financial documents and transactions, make spending plans, rationalize expenditures and investments, and manage cash stream (accounts receivable/accounts payable). Finance administrators normally produce and present reports to keep management and other corporate leaders refreshed about the company’s financial health insurance and strategies.

Finance Lawyer

Finance lawyers concentrate on the legal facets of account, banking, taxation, lending, investments, private value, land money, insurance, along with other related fields. These legal practitioners help clients explore the administrative atmosphere and other consistency requirements for working together and directing financial transactions. Giving counsel on contract development specifically for novel situations, account lawyers also represent their customers during court proceedings.

Finance Manager

Finance Managers assume a vital job in planning corporate and departmental budgets, growing long haul strategies, settling on investment decisions, and coordinating the afternoon by day financial operations of these companies. In playing out these functions, fund managers always mean to remain due to their’s financial position as healthy and expansive as you can.

Finance managers lead a small grouping of other money professionals to whom they delegate a wide scope of tasks from making income forecasts and following expenses to processing, recording, and confirming transactions. Fund managers normally make and present financial reports to various stakeholders.

Insurance Underwriter

Insurance underwriters assess risks identified with insurance policy, making recommendations on whether to insure an element and under what terms in the event that risks are adequate to the insurance company. These professionals use statistical analysis, financial software, and actuarial methods to determine the best pricing, installment schedule, premiums, and different terms of coverage. Likewise, underwriters also effectively seek potential income opportunities with their employers.

Payroll Administrator

Payroll administrators process the calculation, taxation, documentation, and conveyance of salaries, commissions, pertinent benefits, and different kinds of compensation to employees. They make sure all workers in an association always get their compensation precisely and on schedule. In a few companies, these professionals also take part in policy definition and perform other accounting, reporting, or HR tasks.

Tax Examiner

Tax examiners survey documents, give guidance, and direct audits for purposes of taxation. These professionals distinguish whether individuals or companies owe taxes to your legislature, register what amount is owed if you will find, and gather the correct sum. They even advise taxpayers when overpayments have been made as soon as the suitable refunds are accessible.

Treasury Analyst

Treasury analysts give attention to enhancing financial assets, transactions, and decisions with their employers. They assess fees, expenses, and charges to prescribe powerful ways through which their organizations can lessen costs. These professionals screen and manage their employer’s transactions, accounts, and investments with financial institutions to adjust risks and benefits. They examine pay streams, cash stream, and profit for investments to determine the best strategy for upgrading esteem.

Role of Financial Manager

There are the following roles of financial manager

Primary Role of Financial Manager

  • Performing Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Investment Decision
  • Financing Decision
  • Dividend Decision

Secondary Role

  • Foreign Exchange Management
  • Treasury Operators
  • onvestors Communication
  • Management Control
  • Investment Planning
  • Credit Management
  • Tax Management
  • Insurance Risk Management

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