Uncle Hammer Essay

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Uncle Hammer

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry takes place during the 1930’s in rural Mississippi. The setting of Mississippi has an important effect on the story in that the white people there were very racist. The point of view in this novel basically creates the whole story because it is a child telling the story instead of the usual adult. Cassie Logan tells the story in extreme detail, since everything in the story has to do with her life and innocence. The mood is also an important factor in the story suspense, happiness and peace all as one. The protagonist in this story is the Logans and the antagonists are the Wallaces.

They are just the main protagonists and antagonists. In general, the protagonists are all of the black people, and the antagonists are all the white people. The Wallaces are a family who owns a grocery store, but they are very prejudiced. They treat black people with no respect and are very cruel towards them. The white people acted hateful towards the black people in ways like of the KKK. The Logans are peaceful people who are trying to end the hate and help everyone get along. Even though they do not like some of the white people, they are nice to them. Some of the secondary supporting characters are the Simms; Mr.

Simms, Lillian Jean Simms, and Jeremy Simms. The Simms were all white and prejudiced except for Jeremy who tried to be friends with the Logans. Mr. Granger was a man who leased out sharecropping land to black people and took almost all of their money after the harvest. T. J. Avery was the mischievous seventh grade boy who got everyone in to trouble with his conniving ways and pompous personality. Uncle Hammer, Cassie’s Uncle, Big Ma, Cassie’s Grandmother, and Mr. Morrison, a friend of the family, tried to help with the racial problems the Logan family was trying to deal with.

The school bus and the children on the bus play an important part in the story mainly because the children riding the bus are white and are always making fun of the black school, which cannot afford a bus. The major conflict in this story is when two white children beat up T. J. and accuse him of robbing a store. The two white children were the actual robbers with stocking s over their faces. Then the white children go to T. J. ‘s hose and tried to hang and burn his whole family. The Logans try to stop this by setting fire to their own cotton field so everyone will stop and try to put the fire out before it reached their own land.

The conflicts in this story are man vs. man, man vs. society, and man vs. nature. Because of the prejudice, the conflicts are both internal and external. The conflicts in this book deal mainly with racism and the effects it has on people and their lives. The turning point of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is when the Logans cotton field catches on fire. The whole event of the whole story and what is happening changes. Everyone around the fire was either trying to hang someone or trying not to be hung. When the fire started, everyone changed what they were doing to help put out the fire.

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