Ultra Mobile PC’s Essay

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Ultra Mobile PC’s

Standard application This study asserts that UMPC’s can use any software integrated within the device and more especially when it comes to Windows XP and Vista. For example, businessmen can use Windows word, excel and power point application effectively without any problems. On the other hand, those users who are not able to use the available QWERTY keyboard can use the avainble USB port to connect to an external keyboard. UMPCs also have a touch sensitive screen, which can allow the use to fingers to prompt for information or even use pen calibration.

In this manner, the user is able to keep a fast track of events may at class, in a business meeting or in cases of medics previewing patients and making quick notes on the touch screen. With the integration of various technologies which can integrate with windows XP and Vista software like Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) UMPC’s are able to maximize the use of captured data (Eisten technologies, 2004). The use of TEO allows, users to even edit their information with ease for increased efficiency. According to Eistein technologies the integration of TEO allows the users of UMPC’s to have;

• Convenient and more accurate handwriting recognition, which allows minimal mistakes if any. On the other hand one is able to convert their text when they want to according to their convenience. • In using TEO, applications like PDA are easily recognized and applicable in UMPC’s. • The use of TEO allows preview text to prompt the user of any unrecognized texts so that they can be corrected on time. • TEO allows one to improve correction interfaces without much challenges compared to earlier versions. (Eisten technologies, 2004) With the use of TEO technology, the use of UMPC’s becomes more interesting and organized in all categories.

For example, TEO can be applied in note taking and ensuring organized forms of data storage and accessibility (Eisten technologies, 2004). Interfacing to the Internet UMPC’s have higher compatibility of Internet interfacing. For example, users can apply the use of the available USB’s to connect to the Internet effectively. UMPC’s are modified for use with various forms of broadband technologies, which can allow people from different to interact through the Internet. On the other hand, businessmen can make connections through the Internet and save time and energy wasted in covering long distances by their clients.

In many instances what matters with Internet interface in UMPC’s is the type of Internet subscriber used, and the effectiveness in service delivery. Studies show that one important feature in UMP’s comprise of their ability to have strong bases for browsing the internet (K. -W. Chin, et al, 2002). Conclusions and future predictions The following are some of the future predictions of this study; • More studies should be carried to ensure more enhancements are made to UMPC’s • Companies dealing with the UMPC technologies should come together and work in harmony for better results in modifying the existing forms of UMPC’s

• The target markets for UMPC’s should be the main drivers of modifications made in the UMPC devices so that companies can be able to make consumer quality goods in order to gain a competitive edge • UMPC’s stand to be the next solution for commercial use and hence the need to ensure that they are treated with the seriousness that they deserve in the corporate and commercial world. Conclusion This study found out that UMPCs market and usability has greatly increased over the decades. UMPCs are currently viewed as the noble solutions to most challenges faced in commercial business for instance companies and hospital use.

The effectiveness in information storage makes it easier even for hospitals to be able to store patient’s information and walk around with it, referring to it when the need arises. The medical sector which was most affected in terms of mobility of medical information stands to benefit greatly from the current use of the UMPC’s technologies. This study recommends that, mobile companies to come up with more significant milestones in the UMPC’s world should carry out more studies. Reference list Appear Networks. (2008). Appear Announces Support for Intel UMPC Devices. Retrieved on 27th December 2008 from www.

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