Udoh Gabriel Simon?Geneva Academy scholarships Personal Statement 31Dec2018

Udoh Gabriel Simon


Geneva Academy scholarships Personal Statement


Dear Scholarship Selection Committee:

1. Reasons you selected Geneva Academy.

My desire to attend the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in academic year 2019-2020 has been attributed to the fascination of your an exceptional Learning Environment and unique Master’s Programmes offered in your facility making your institution ideal location for students to gain access to a leading actors in the field International Human Right and Humanitarian Law. For example, it is only in Geneva where the Headquarter of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) are located.

It is because especially in regards to the odds are more likely that I would find a better understanding and learn about diverse cultures of the world that I am going to encounter while attending the course Geneva Academy since Geneva is seen by many as being the regional hub of United Nations where I would be able to attend summer school and internship in some of the world most reputable organizations which I haven’t in my lifetime.

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2. Reasons why I feel that I should receive the scholarship

It would be money well spent if I am offered the full scholarship in Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law at Geneva Academy. It has been for decades since the people of South Sudan had been living in a state of war and currently, there is a little a bit stability where there is a need for post-conflict situation solution to the recurrent causes of Armed Conflict.

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The fact is clear that after my studies, I would be of a great asset to the South Sudanese Transitional justice justice process where the knowledge and experience gained from the Geneva Academy would be put into maximum use during the anticipated implementation of post-conflict Transitional Justice process as stipulated in Chapter V (Transitional Justice, Accountability, Reconciliation and Healing) of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution Conflict in South Sudan 2018. I see this period in my beloved country as the critical Stage where there is urgent need knowledge in area Transitional justice, Human Right and rule of law are at its peak. South Sudan is currently faced with shortages of human resources. Granting this full scholarship to a student from the background ravaged by war would be of great benefit considering the current post-conflict situation of South Sudan where most people lack basic finance to pursue their dream Career and become the exception and succeed. I hope to become one of those special people and it is with great honor and appreciation that I submit this application for your consideration.


3. Benefits you’ve received from any community service experience.

During my time after my Undergraduate studies, I became more involved in my community by partially volunteering at a Charitable organization called Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco from 2014-2015 and working in private Law firm from 2016-2017 called Mehzan Al Adalla & Co. Advocate where my passion for this field of Transitional Justice, Human Rights and Rule of Law continued to grow. In 2017 I did receive the Chinese Government Scholarship which would end by July 15, 2019. I too work as a school teacher in two separate institutions. The first school I was working concurrently with the work of women promotion at Mozzarello women Promotion center – Gumbo Juba South Sudan run by Salesian sisters of Don Bosco and another one I working in Martyrs Academy, Bor Town South Sudan for only Term terms (6 Months). Just before joining the legal practice. This great service experienced had not just earned me work

experience but it also shaped my character to interact with people of different background since all of these work experiences attended were all far from where I live and completely people of different culture and beliefs making my people wonder how is it possible in South Sudanese context where there Tribal mistrust among communities.


4. Contributions you feel you can make as a Geneva Academy student

While in attendance, I would be able to interact and share ideas with other participants from an array of different legal backgrounds and perspectives and probably mixed in with great stats about the Academic activities and other admirable details about the world issues affecting our various societies. It would be able to join legal client and attendant to language club that would help me gain a second a foreign language such as French which is used widely in central and Western Africa.

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Udoh Gabriel Simon?Geneva Academy scholarships Personal Statement 31Dec2018

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