Uccello: Saint George and the Dragon Essay

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Uccello: Saint George and the Dragon

The meaning of a single picture and poem can be interpreted in so many different ways. For instance you might look at the picture and make assumption, and then when you read through the poem your perspective may change. Poems can often portray more than one meaning it mostly depends on what you take or interpret from it Titles have a way of giving you insight on what you might expect to see in the poem. The first exert of the poem is in the perspective of the dragon, The dragon is feeling sorry for the picture and how the artist captured him, he is wondering why the artist made him so weak by only giving him two feet and “by putting him on a sting literally”(part 1). The dragons not scared of the prince or even dying, it’s more about tradition, what happened to the heroic price showing up and the great big dragon being slain in an epic battle.

It’s almost like tradition and each generation is evolving into diplomas and qualification and the newest models. The virgin girl was a little nigh eave, she took everything the dragon was doing as something sexual or a kind deed she felt the dragon was treating her special. Like in the line “and the way he looked at me, He made me feel like he was all ready to eat me.” She interpreted this in a different way the dragon was intending; he was actually ready to eat her. She views her supposed knight in shining armor as a boy that is covered in fancy machinery, and is hiding himself under a helmet, “what was he like under the hardware?”(Part 2). She was confused about her feelings toward the knight and the dragon.

In a way when you first read the knight’s side he comes off very cocky. “I have diplomas in dragon” (part 3) and “My horse is the latest model”(part 3), and by saying this he comes off as a boy that’s is mostly superficial, and just because he has a diploma in dragon and the latest horse or even a custom made spear, all of these things aren’t going to matter unless you can actually kill the dragon. The knight frustrates me with his rude and arrogant behavior as assuming he is the best and most well equipped to rescue the girl and slay the dragon and he doesn’t care much about anyone but himself. He seems very petty to me.

The title of the poem relates very well to each of the characters because it isn’t showing any of their best sides. The pictures doesn’t capture the dragon as a strong and fierce creature that he wished to be shown as, so to say it didn’t give him any justice to his true self. In the poem it didn’t show the best side of the damsel in distress, it showcased her as very obtuse, she wasn’t really bright and couldn’t point out the dragons dislike towards her. Then there is the conceded knight and the poem depicts him as a self absorbed jerk, he believes that he is what he buys.

What I took from this poem is that you can’t judge a person until you have heard their story. The reason for this is because they may seem happy or like everything is how it is suppose to be, it isn’t until you actually read or take time to hear what is actually being said can change your perspective of how you view something.

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