U.S. Secret Service Essay

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U.S. Secret Service

United States of America, have many service within the government to protect themselves, the people, or our president. The one service I we hear about but rarely know will be the, secret services. We rarely know anything about them just that they make good money and put there life in danger. The following I will be information you about: education required, qualifications, training, and salary of a member of secret services.

Education required for them each position has different entry level qualifications and education requirements. It would depend on what they want to be and the position they want. Each position has different requirements and education levels. Members also have to have certain qualification. For example they must be a United States citizen, must pass a medical exam – vision, hearing, cardiovascular, mobility of extremities, pass a drug screening, must pass a report writing test , pass an extensive background investigation, must pass a polygraph examination, must pass an in-depth interview, must pass an entrance exam, must be able to obtain a Top Secret clearance and must be over age 21 years and under age 37 years.

There is no expectation of any of these they are all must, if they do not pass one of these qualifications then they will not be eligible to work in secret services. If they pass all these they must get training which is three month training program at the, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. The is only two training campuses one is in Artesia, New Mexico, and in Glynco, Georgia. After done with that training they go another three months for specialized instruction training, which is located in Laurel, Maryland at the James J. Rowley Training Center. After completing this process and being hired they would make, $43,200 to $73,354 per year, as starting officers. This information is report in 2009 by the, United States Secret Service.

The United States Secret Service is something we hear about at time and know rarely about. I wanted to inform myself and learn things about how they get to their level and what they do. As I was reading I see that they have to work for their position, it is not given to them they have to put all there effort in their job. I saw their job is to protect the president and vice president, their families, former presidents, presidential candidates and other U.S. or foreign visiting political figures.

They go under cover on criminal cases that relate to the nation’s financial security form credit card fraud, computer fraud, and bank fraud. Secret Services does two thing basically they do investigations and protect the people that are important to our society at the moment and after. As well they were founded in 1865 and are one of the most elite law enforcement organizations in the world. Their main headquartered is in Washington, D.C with 150 offices over the United State. They must stay untied in order to complete there job.

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