U.S. Involvement in Syrian Uprising Essay

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U.S. Involvement in Syrian Uprising

The Syrian civil war, also known as the Syrian uprising, began on March 15, 2011. Ever since, it has been a growing armed conflict between supporters of the Ba’ath government, and rebel groups wishing to abolish it. It all began when protesters demanded the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Because the Syrian President declined the demand of resignation of the Syrian people, an enormous, uncontrolled peaceful uprising began. In April of 2011 the Syrian Army was deployed to control the uprising; cold-hearted soldiers fired at protestors.

After months of military attacks on demonstrators, the so called “peaceful” protest in Syria turned into an armed rebellious war. Opposition forces range from enraged civilians to Syrian military soldiers, to civilian volunteers; acting by themselves; with no coordination; who oppose the al-Assar rule. Conflicts scatter throughout the Syrian capital; clashes taking place in many towns and cities across the Syrian country. In the present year, terrorist organization named as the Hezbollah, entered the war as an ally to the Syrian government.

The Syrian government claims that they denied the proposition of the terrorist group. The Syrian government has maintained its grasp on 30-40 percent of Syria’s territory with military support from Russia and Iran, both considered to be enemies of the United States of America. In the other hand, Qatar and Saudi Arabia aid the uprising by transferring weapons to the rebel groups which controlled 60-70 percent, of the Syrian country. In June of 2013, the amount of deaths in the Syrian Uprising had surpassed 100 thousand, according to a report released by the UN. In mid-June of 2013, tens of thousands of protestors had been imprisoned and according to a report released by the United Nations, there have been reports of widespread torture, and terror in state prisons.

There are three sides to this war. Many accuse the opposition forces, some accuse both sides. But most nations accuse the Syrian government of severe human rights violations. Though, UN inspections in Syria have determined that the Syrian government is the main cause of human rights violations; “abuses are highest in frequency and largest in scale.” according to an online article on the Syrian government. The big problem here is that the Syrian government has been accused of conducting several chemical attacks, the most serious of them being the Ghouta attacks. Tough, it’s not just the government, but the rebel groups as well.

The most serious chemical attack by the rebels was in the Khan al-Assal district in Aleppo. The rebels attack resulted in 25 deaths. Both sides accused each other of the attacks, but according to reports by investigators, both sides have enough evidence of their participation on these attacks. Intergovernmental consideration of a chemical and biological weapons ban was initiated in 1968, this innovation was created to limit chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons stock piles to each country.

The ban also stated that nonetheless, chemical weapons should not be used at all, in any circumstance. In the present year, the Syrian government had already broken the weapons ban law, 4 times. Claiming a total of more than, 100,000 Syrian civilians. The Syrian army began using cluster bombs in September of 2012. Report state that the Syrian people are paying the price with their, “lives & limbs.” Investigators say that these cluster bombs are causing wider death of civilians than rebel groups because often clusters do not detonate on impact, but after a long period of time. And regularly detonate while civilians are by.

The U.S. government has stated that it is completely outrageous how the Syrian government could be doing such a thing to its people, and highly condemns the use of cluster bombs. According to an online article about weapons in Syria, the Syrian army has used wide varieties of missiles. Some include SCUD missiles, which in total; have killed 194 civilians including children. Also, suicide bombing have been reported. Investigators have released a statement that the Syrian army has around 8,000 soldiers ready for suicide bombings, in case of NATO intervention.

These actions by the Syrian regime created international attention and fear. The U.S. immediately responded to the chemical attack of August 21, after 635 men, women and children died of a nerve gas attack. Only recently, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, addressed to nation on the happening in Syria. Therefore, the U.S. is threatening Syria of firing on the city, but not as intent to kill, but to scare out President al-Assad. President Barack Obama stated that he will take the plan to Congress and in 90 days, will come up with a solution to the problem in Syria. The President claims that this is not to start a war, but humanitarian purposes. His goal for the past 3 years has been to bring our troops back home from Afghanistan.

His goal has been to end the war. And now claims that he will not put, “boots on the ground”, as he stated in his address to the nation. We as humans must understand what it is to live 24/7 in danger. Those people in Syria are still human, thus someone must take a stance to stop this. Russia has taken the side of the humanitarian people and urges Syria to destroy their chemical weapons properly and sign the petition to become another nation against chemical warfare. Syria claims that the government will not sign the petition unless U.S. and international threats are set aside.

Syrian government claims that they will dispose of their own chemical weapons, as President al-Assad claimed on an ABC News interview. With this choice being placed by the Syrian president, the U.S. claims that its threats against the Syrian regime will not be put aside unless President al-Assad puts the countries chemical weapons under international control, where they will be destroyed properly. Various countries now want President al-Assad under international custody for mass murder of his people and for the violation of the international ban on the use chemical weapons.

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