U.S. History: Semester 2(Quiz: War in the Pacific)

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Why was the Bataan Death March considered a war crime?
Many unarmed prisoners were killed.
The Unites (sic) States used the strategy of island hopping to:
move closer to the Japanese mainland.
Why did Einstein urge the president to authorize the Manhattan Project?
He wanted the United States to develop an atomic bomb before the Germans did.
What was true of the Battle of Iwo Jima?
Almost all of the Japanese fought to their deaths.
What was an effect of Japanese actions in China in the 1930s?
Western powers restricted their trade with Japan.

Which is true of Japanese kamikaze pilots?
Their attacks were hard to defend against.
After the bloody battle on Saipan:
it became clear that an invasion of Japan would be extremely costly.
The United States entered World War II because:
Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
Which of these was the site of a major naval battle?
Leyte Gulf
Which of these statements about the firebombing of Tokyo is true?
It caused high civilian casualties but did not result in surrender.

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U.S. History: Semester 2(Quiz: War in the Pacific)
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