U.S. Constitution Essay Essay

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U.S. Constitution Essay

The freedom contain within the first amendment is the most important to me is the second P in RAPPS, which means R is for religious, A is for assemble, P is for press, P is for petition, and S is for speech. I say petition because it includes you and what you think. So do the other ones but a petition is for you. To create a more perfect union means to create a nation in which all the states work together. But with that it’s five more important things that go to the constitution. The others is to establish justice means makes laws and set up court that are fair, to insure domestic tranquility means to keep peace within the country, to provide for the common defense means to safeguard the country against attack s , to promote the general welfare means to contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of all the people , and to secure the blessing of liberty means to make sure future citizens remain free. For all theses nice words it needs a fabulous name for it.

The first name was the Articles Of Confederation but that is weak for the words that’s in the constitution. So the new name is the U.S Constitution. The House of Reps. is different from the Senates because first off their terms are different. Like House of Reps. could be there for 2 years or more and the Senates could be there for 6 years. Also House of Reps. have to be 25 years old and the Senates have to be 30 years old. Last but not least House of Reps. have 435 reps. and Senates have 100. They are similar because the terms are different, and they are in the same branch. Which is the legislative branch.

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