Typicall Ethical and Moral Issues in Business

 Typically personal and business ethics and moral performances become trapped in a gray area of society standards.  Ethical and moral issues can seem somewhat irrational to many, but there is a difference. This dilemma is not warrant between personal and business; however, within this report the subject of ethical and moral issues defined the differences between the two, and the differences between personal ethics and business ethics. In addition, real-world examples listed to convey common ethical problems in business. At the end of this report clarity of ethical and moral awareness for the individual will promote a positive behavior in business as well as in individual.

In the world today, the difference displayed in a more repugnant society identifies the difference between ethical and moral issues is form by a belief system with the idea that develops from individual’s character from personal growth and upbringing; to understand right from wrong. However, morals differ from ethical issues within the work and business sects.

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Morals defined personal characters through the action of the individuals. On the other hand ethics addresses policy and procedures within a control workplace or business where an individual can demonstrate his or her morals. The combination of ethics and morals reveals or response to the formation of ethical codes which, promotes positive behavior within selective groups inside that organization of business professionals.  However, each person’s morality usually unchanged, within a control environment, he or she practices the policy, and procedures dependently manifest behavior (positive or negative).

First, a clear understanding is necessary to distinguish personal ethics from business ethics.

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Personal ethics as stated earlier is a behavior learned or taught from the individual background, culture, and religious beliefs. The lessons learned throughout upbringing an individual’s personal development of moral standards. Each person  within the family, community and even within a job settings; assumes the role of positive ethical behavior that treat everyone with respect, follow the laws of the land, those in authority, and respect elders.

These personal lessons, guided through childhood development reflect personal ethics and standards of the individual in becomes an asset to his or her community or establishment. However, if the individual defiles the lessons, as an adult, social environment is challenge when policy and procedures presented in the workplace, negative behavior may occurs.

Ethics is a practice of doing something right or good without any harm to another individual with permission.  The meaning of business ethics is procedures and policy standards and compliances implemented that provide harmony, privacy, productivity, safety, and a health in the business. Nevertheless, business ethics and the formation of standards shape the culture of the business.  Each individuals  with the combination of moral reinforcement of positive behavior make efforts for the pursuit of happiness so that achievements and success related to business and the workplace promote these positive attributes as a person with positive morals and ethics.

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