Types of Volleyball Practice

– massed practice and distributed practice – entire practice and part practice – blocked practice and random practice – varied and continuous practice – drill and problem resolving

Massed Practice; is a training routine in which a skill is practiced constantly and consistently. E.g. 50 softball pitches, 25 basketball free tosses, volley ball 40 serves. A barrier to massed practice includes fatigue and inspiration and is normally unfavorable to newbies.

Dispersed Practice; includes brief, regular practice sessions with rest periods. This kind of practice is efficient for learning abilities.

E.g. 5 sets of 20 chest passes with 2 minute rests. Most proof indicates that distributed practice is more effective in improving efficiency.

Whole Practice; is the learning of the ability in its entirety. This type of practice is reliable in abilities that are high in complexity and low in organisation such as jump shot or skating.

Part Practice; is the knowing of each of the separate parts of the skill. It is particularly reliable when the ability being taught is complicated and has plainly defined elements e.

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g. golf swing. Both Part and Whole Practice can be used to teach the exact same abilities e.g. breaststroke.

Blocked Practice; is where learners attempt the same ability repeatedly in order to refine and improve their performance. E.g. Tennis– 15 forehands,15 backhands, 15 volleys. More efficient for students in the cognitive phase.

Random Practice; is when all components of the multi task skill are practiced in random order within each practice session.

Constant Practice; refers to the practice of only one skill without any variation e.

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g. kicking a ball to a target 10 away.

Varied Practice; refers to practicing a class of skills using variations within the one practice session. E.g. kicking to a target 10m away then 20m away and 30m.

Drills; Learning through repetition (eg. Dig, Set, spike drill we do in class)

Problem Solving; learning through investigation and discovery. (if the teacher gave you a ball and said “work out how to serve the ball with no instruction or feedback)

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Types of Volleyball Practice

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