Types of Personality Essay

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Types of Personality

According to the test, my personality type is ENFJ (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging). For extraverted my percentage was 56, for Intuitive 38 percent, feeling was 50 percent and judging was 67. This numbers describe me as moderately expressed extravert, moderately expressed intuitive, moderately expressed feeling, and distinctively expressed judging. I believe this test is partially right. I’m easily sympathized for others. I don’t feel I judge a lot, so I think this part is not too accurate, unless I’m unaware of this personality. The extrovert part, I also believe this part is inaccurate because at times, I follow my instincts, but at others I rely on logic. My energy is primarily directed towards school and family. Those are the two most important things around me. Besides that, I like having fun with friends an going out, but that’s not occasional. My decisions are made based on environmental factors and cognitive factors.

I think that depending on your beliefs and what is going on around you the decision changes. So depending on my surrounding and cultural background, my decision varies. (Pg 458) The ways I process information is by understanding the subject of something and not only try to memorize it but learn it. I do this a lot when studying for tests. Also when working with something, when I observe someone do something, I have to try it to learn it. I have one type of personal organization, long term plan. I plan my future, for example graduating from school and going to school of medicine. I don’t frequently organize my short term plans. They just happen as life goes on. I sometimes do, but it has to be something very important.

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