Types of Leadership Styles

works within the framework

moves to change the framework

Trait Leadership
based on physical, intellectual, and interpersonal characteristics

Great Man Theory
people destined for leadership based on birth order, family, education, upbringing

Charismatic and Heoric Leadership
-emerge in times of crisis as potential saviors
-make dominant followers become active

demands things to be done

negotiate to an outcome

delegates withing a group

Situational Theories (Hersey+Blanchard)
-situation plays a large part in determining leadership qualities and the leader for the situation
-leadership qualities are the product of previous leader situations that have molded the individual

Contingency Theory
-no ‘best’ was to lead all situations
-based on individual leadership style
-task or relationship oriented

Servent Leadership
-choose to serve first then lead
-it is bestowed upon you

Servent Leadership 2
-a good leader may not always be recognizable
-it is the ethical choice
-power awareness leads to choosing servants

Servent Leadership 3
-change the system for the people not visversa
-open minded + empowering people

Servent Leadership 4
-leader lives through the servant
-the ideas last forever
-create dangerously

Characteristics of SL
-servant leaders may or may not hold formal leadership positions
-the ethical use of power and empowerment

10 Principles of Servent Leadership
1-communication and decision making skills
9-commitment to the growth of people
10-building community

Top 5 Leaders
-V for Vendetta

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