Types of Contraception for Birth Control

There are many different types of contraception available on the market today. Each type of contraception offers different advantages and disadvantages, and is not a one size fits all thing. Each person has different needs that need to be considered with choosing their birth control, and some people may choose to not be on any sort of birth control. Religion and differing views may also play a factor in choosing a type of birth control.

Tina and Dan are a newly married couple who, prior to marriage, practiced abstinence, and are hoping to start a family within a year.

There are many different types of birth control for them to choose from, though the two options that may be best are either a low hormone birth control pill or a condom. The advantage of a birth control pill is that it can be highly effective, and when a couple is not concerned with sexually transmitted infections, it can help to regulate periods, reduce cramping, and is over 99% effective when used properly.

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Also, a birth control pill can be stopped at virtually any time without serious repercussions, and once the pill is stopped, the woman can conceive during her next ovulation cycle.

A disadvantage of the pill is that it is sometimes hard to remember to take, and missing even one dose reduces how effective it is. The other option is using condoms. Condoms have been said to lower both male and female sensation, and can tear, though this is rare. However, a condom is a very temporary form of birth control, and the protection is gone as soon as the condom is, allowing it to not interfere with fertility longer than the time it is worn.

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Linda is young and enjoys dating. She also enjoys intimacy with a long-term committed partner, but is not interested in being a single mother, or sexually transmitted infections. Linda should consider an inter-uterine device (IUD), the shot, condoms, or the implant. The benefits to the IUD and the implant are that they are long term birth control, and rarely effect fertility after being removed. However, they also do not protect against STI’s. The shot is an option that also does not protect against STI’s, but does last for 3 months. A condom protects against STI’s, but is only a one time usage. Linda may be best suited for using a combination of hormonal birth control, combined with a condom to best protect herself against STI’s as well as pregnancy.

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Types of Contraception for Birth Control

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