Types of Child Abuse

Child Abuse can be physical, sexual, and psychological just to harm the child .Abuse to a child by a parents that have problems of their own in their life. Child Abuse is being harmful to a child by a parent of that child. Child Abuse can occur in homes and communities that the child is in. Child Abuse can be called many things of the abuse. Abuse means something or someone that can harm a child.This type of behavior can cause any child to be walking to around suffering and in pain.

Most of all the kids going through child abuse or went through it are scared from the abuse. Traumatized is a certain experience of physical or emotional that can leave haunting thoughts or memories. Child Abuse has ruined many families and lives harmed by child abuse and some came close to death in the process of the child abuse. A child can be abused at any age. This treatment has been looked away for many years and years.

By the parent or thinking that the abuse is disciplining the child or that its keeping them in control.

No matter what you say or put it in today’s world it will be known as abusing a child and putting their lives in harm. Nowadays parents or guardians take pride in abusing their kids because they think abuse is showing them right from wrong or think how they do it is preparing them for the world. But child abuse of any can lead to the abused doing the abusing in the future.

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What I mean is if the child that has been abused of any sort of way it’s a great chance of the child or love one, they have will eventually get abused in the same way or different way as the person or parent that has gotten abused.

This type of treatment can be a chain of repeating from abused to doing the abusing. The reasons of the abuse isn’t always the way of discipline or teaching right from wrong in some cases the abuse lands in own personal problems. Problems as their depression, anger, and sadness in their own life so they look at the ones close to them or the ones that’s vulnerable and they look to abuse them. In most ways most of the parents or guardians sometimes does the wrong of abusing when they are intoxicated.

They can be non-abusive when sober, but when drunk they will abuse it may not be intended to that at all but how it looks will be abuse. Some may look as It as they can just get help or tell someone what is going on but, its more to it than what people may think. See in most scenarios the abused are quiet because they are scared of their abusers actions of them finding out.

They can’t just tell someone they are being abused because the traumatizing fear they have, they only can take so much to call out or build up as much confidence to get help. But how can they get that confidence if they are constantly getting put down. They are constantly hearing “You will never be nothing”, “You not going anywhere”, “You are never going to leave”. All they hear is never all the time, in some cases the never they are told is holding them back, the mental abuse of being down is as a force constantly leaving them down. That why it is so hard for them to say what is wrong or try to get themselves the help they need.

Physical Abuse is the type of abuse to cause pain and injury from physical contact. This type of abuse carry on in the abused life for years. The effects of physical abuse is Beating, Slapping, Choking, Throwing, And Burning. All those treatments more anything can leave someone traumatized. Kids go to school and walk around as they are okay, but behind closed doors they are not even living right nor getting the proper treatment that they deserve from the parent or guardian. Signs of physical child abuse is cuts, bruises, and burn marks. Another form of physical child abuse or a different perspective of physical child abuse is known as physical punishment.

Physical punishment the use of force of pain but without injury to keep control and correction. Physical punishment is known as a first stage or an igniting to physical child abuse.Noticeable signs of physical child abuse is the fear of adults, refusing or scared to go their own home, frightful to close physical contact and etc. Physical child abuse is the second to child neglect from forms of child abuse.

The treatment of abuse is no accident anything and everything they do has a purpose of expressing a certain emotion such as anger, depression, and sadness. The abuse is always a coping method used to get out of their own personal problems by abusing the abused, by making them hurt because, they are hurting inside so they look to the victims and they are the ones that feels the expression of the abusers. All abusers are manipulators ad predators because when they see the weak an, abused and they just devour them

Physical child abuse there are one out of fourteen kids have encountered that type of treatment. More than six thousand kids was stated to immediately have protection from physical abuse. More than seven thousand are in a counseling session for the support and guidance of their situation. A sad but true fact is that the disabled kids have the higher chance to be abused than non-disabled kids.

Sexual Abuse can be labeled as molestation of undesired sexual actions by one person to another. It is described by using force of taking advantage of someone. There are Forty Two Million survivors of sexual abuse. One in three girls get sexual abused before becoming eighteen .And there is one in five boys sexual abused before eighteen.

But it’s about thirty percent of people have been sexual abused but never told anyone. But its thirty eight percent of sexual abusers of boys are women. Ninety percent of the abused sexually are mainly disabled kids. In sexual abuse the people that are abused is mainly abused by a family member. The survivors that been through sexual abuse are most likely to be abused again and to mainly commit suicide. Many of the sexual abused victims will end up getting pregnant by their abuser.

Sexual abuse will leave many issues and negatives on the child life and more on in their future life. Examples: not trusting adults, no way of getting involved in physical activities nor contact, if they were assaulted in bed or while sleeping , they will have problems going to sleep alone or with someone or even going to sleep at all. Most of all those problems are the typical symptoms of PTSD. This experience is one of the most frightening abuse of all the types, and also one of the treatments that can lead to the abused doing the abuse as a cycle.

Sexual abuse can be upon anyone because, anyone can be abused or be an abuser in this economy. By that I mean anything can happen to anybody, you just have to be safe and careful about what you do and where you are at, and who you are with. That is when picking the right people to hang around and do certain things with because, some friends may be the ones to sexual abuse you for their own personal gain.

Say for instance you are at a party and there is drinking and doing drugs, and you took too many drinks or took the wrong drugs and you have no control over your own body, then as your drunk or too high then you get taken advantage of at a party or an event in the public outing. Most sexual assaults or abuse are most common at parties with drinking and drugs. Mainly because at certain parties known for those activities the, predators and abusers the men see a drunk women or in some cases women see the men drunk and that’s when the abusers attack.

It is the greatest thing to have a good friend or a person to look over you because sexual abuse is out there and it for some reason will not stop. People lives have been hard from sexual abuse in many ways it’s just been a disturbance to them. Some of the sexual abused have caught STIs from the assaulter or abusers, infections and diseases such as the main known as, Herpes, HIV, AIDS, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and often more.

But mainly the main situation is we have to find a way for the abused the get a word out and speak up for themselves and stop letting the abusers get off and do the same with another innocent victim. The other form of child abuse is the most community known, child neglect. Child neglect is the treatment is when the parent or guardian does not give the child in the relationship.

In ways of the parent or guardian not showing the child the attention that they so need as a child growing up can lead to the child having problems growing and accepting with the parent or guardian. The child need all type of attention in many different ways of physical, mental, and emotional. Growing up as a child is already hard as it is in this type of world, by having them be neglected, raped, bullied, and committed to suicide.

This effect will cause the child to have bad behavior and will make the child look for and get attention from other things. But the things the child could be looking for the attention from a bad place. The neglect can be nothing if the parents could have showed the kid attention in the first place they wouldn’t do some of the bad things that they do. Bad things like do drugs, hang around bad kids, and be violent.

This will cause the kid to grow up and not obey the parent or pay no attention to the parent rules or anything. With child neglect the kid can look up to Bad influences and be doing things that parents should tell them to stay away from. All parenting really is, is guidance for the kids because if you show them the right way to live they won’t try and do somethings the parent won’t approve of. By not giving the kid attention his or her attention is going to go to into something or someone with bad intentions.

It doesn’t take a lot to spend time and show attention to your kids, it is not hard at all to just be in the life of your child. It’s not being a deadbeat, because you can sleep in the same house and the child will still be getting neglected. By not feeding the child or even providing for the child as in putting clothes on the child back and putting food in their mouth.

By having a dirty house can be a reason of neglect because it shows that the parent do not care how their kid lives. By not getting involved in your kid life, by not coming to their games, by not supporting them, or just not caring about them at all. This can be the way why kids act up in school and do things for attention,because whatever the problem is it comes from the house.

In all types of solutions the only one is to just get the abused to become comfortable with them and hope for them to tell you. Mainly because they won’t say what is wrong until they feel comfortable. You can’t just go take them to a care center and they will ok, no they are scared for their lives by their abuser.

You just have to be patient with them and comfortable to where they can trust you. Think about it if they are abused by a parent or someone that is close to them and they at once trusted their the person that is abusing them, so they are not going to trust you either, but if you was to build a trust between you and the person that is getting abused then they will tell you what is going on in their life because as they tell you whatever they are saying their life depends on it. If they don’t want the help that you can’t give, just keep talking to them gently and give gentle support and they will come around. But the adults that are abusing will need help to, just to stop them from doing it or thinking about it. Get them some help so they can find an end to their abusive ways towards people that does not deserve it. Take them to a rehab center or a meeting to find them the support to control whatever that makes them get out of line. Most of the reasons of their abusive ways are from their past of being abused as a child.

Just try to get them to be more comfortable with you and they will let you know the situation and when they tell you get them to a counselor to talk about their situation because all that balled up will come across suicide thoughts and lead to them committing to suicide. And for the abusers get them the help of saying what is wrong with them or why they do the things they do to people. Because what they are going through may be from their past of getting abused by their parents. Or they may have an addiction to drinking or doing drugs. Convince them calmly to go to meeting or counselors about their problems.

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