Types of Business Writing Essay

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Types of Business Writing

Over the past three months I have noticed quite a few changes taking place in the office. Those changes are: poor work quality, tardiness, required overtime hours so that work can be completed, and more breaks being taken than the company allows. These issues seem to have surfaced since Jessica has been on medical leave; leaving this office short-handed. I have noticed Ruth taking shorter breaks in order to complete her work, she complains of being tired, she is requiring overtime hours twice a month, also the quality of her work has been poor. Meanwhile, Jack has little to do, arrives late to work a few times throughout the week, takes more breaks than he should, but his quality of work appears to be excellent. The cost of having to provide overtime hours is becoming quite costly and isn’t in the company’s budget, also, arriving to work late often affects the office work flow causing others to have to fill in for another employee’s absence. Neither Ruth nor Jack is upholding their positions the way that they should. It has not yet been confirmed whether Jessica Hilo will be able to return to work from medical leave or not. So due to the issues listed above, changes will need to be effective immediately. Memos will be sent to Jack and Ruth.

The memos will state that they should be on time and that work is to be completed with no overtime allowed. At the beginning of each business day Jack should begin working on all of Ralphs work requirements, if time allows it, he is to see me for addition work for the remainder of the day. I will have Ruth identify what work of Frank and Sam’s is time sensitive and complete those tasks first. Once that has been completed, if time allows it, Ruth can then spend the remainder of her afternoon finishing the work that did not have a deadline. Any work left over that either employee finds least important shall be working on the next business day. This should prevent Ruth from taking shorter breaks and requiring overtime. Jack seeing me for additional work should free him of having little to do. This change with Jack will stay in place until it is deemed official that Jessica Hilo will not return to work. Once final notice is received, I will begin holding interviews for her position, and Jack will then be assigned to the new executive.

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