Types of Animal Cruelty

Imagine you were the one being tested on, imagine your skin being torn off alive, even imagine your arms and legs being ripped off alive, imagine being burnt alive, classmates even imagine losing your life, just so you can satisfy another species. Does not sound fun, does it? Animal Cruelty is the act of violence against animals, just so humans can undergo their normal life.

What’s more important perfume or a living organism? They breathe like us, they live like us, they have feelings and a heart.

What makes us better than them? I stand before you today to talk about three arguments, different types of animal cruelty, animal testing and why animal cruelty should be abolished.

Let’s start with different types of animal cruelty, I believe there are some variations of animal cruelty that people disregard. When you think of animal abuse you just think of harm being inflicted on an animal or neglecting it. But those are just some forms of animal abuse.

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Animals are being slaughtered in the most painful ways, just so we can enjoy delicious meals. Animals don’t exist to be eaten, they exist to live a life like us humans.

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Types of Animal Cruelty

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