Types of Advertising Media Essay

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Types of Advertising Media

There are various types of advertising media through which companies can advertise products, brand and services, in order to promote their businesses. Ogilvy (1987) who is considered to be one of the pioneers of advertising and marketing concepts once stated in his book entitled “Ogilvy on advertising” that advertising is the promotion of company’s or personal products, brands and services carried out primarily to boost sales and is extremely pervasive in today’s society. Advertising has become an essential element of the corporate world and hence many companies allot a considerable amount of resources towards advertising their products either by the print media, outdoor media and the broadcasting media advertising.

Firstly, the print media advertising, in an research by Manohar (2011) entitled “types of advertising media” he noted that, the print media is achieve by promoting products through the use of newspapers and magazines, in which the media offers options such as promotional brochures and fliers to achieve their advertising purposes. Often, this type of advertising medium impacts a large portion of the advertising world through its daily publication that goes directly to the targeted customers. In addition to that, many local businesses use the print media to ensure that they capitalize on the advertising market, knowing that people read magazines and daily newspapers and are likely to come across advertisement that are strategically place there to capture their interest.

The outdoor media advertising is also an important and very popular form for promoting products. Mentioned in an article by advertising- suite (2009) entitled “types of advertising media” the outdoor media makes use of several tools and techniques to targets the general public, but is achieved by way of placing advertisements on billboards, kiosks, moving transportation as well as events and trade shows. Terse and catchy phrases are implemented in this type of advertising media to grab the attention of the general public and effectively leave a lasting effects on them. Moreover, the outdoor advertising media is a fantastic medium businesses used to communicate their information strategies between themselves and intended audiences.

Finally, another form of advertising is through the broadcasting media. The book entitled “Broadcasting and Cable” by Warner (1986) views broadcasting media as advertising that is electronically transmitted to people, it constitute several branches such as television, radio and the Internet. When companies advertise on television or radio they often rely on repetition of ads in order to gain consumers interest in their products. According to Hassam (2011) in an article entitled “types of advertising media” people spend considerable amount of their time watching television, browsing the Internet and listening to the radio and as such the broadcasting advertising media reaches a wider audience both nationally and globally. Moreover, it also gives marketing agencies the opportunity to be creative in effectively conveying their marketing messages through sight, sound and motion.


The use of advertising media for many companies has been seen as an important component for their marketing tactics to promote businesses as well as to communicate their information efficiently. Advertising through the print, outdoor and broadcasting media have improve product sales, popularize company’s name and brand value, if a product is advertised well and its information reaches to the masses, then the chances of more people getting to know about it spread. Thus, making advertising beneficial for the consumers, manufacturers and the advertising agencies within the local or the global market.

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