Types of Abuse Essay

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Types of Abuse

Abuse may involve of a single or repeated acts. Abuse may be physical, verbal or psychological, it may be an act of neglect or an omission to act or it may occur when a vulnerable person is persuaded to enter into financial or sexual actions to which he or she has not consented to or doesn’t understand, or cannot consent. Abuse can occur in any relationship and may result in substantial harm to, or abuse of, the person exposed to it. What rights do you have?

Everyone has the right to be respected by other people and not to be forced to do things they don’t want to or been hurt intentionally. Everyone has the right to feeling safe in their own home and on the streets. Everyone has the right to have a violence, fear and abuse free life. Abuse can happen anywhere; Hospitals, Care homes, School, Home, Hospice, Community centre, Work, Doctors, Police, Dentist, Friends, Prison and many more places. Kinds of abuse vulnerable adults may experience.

Physical, Sexual, Psychological, Neglect, Omission, Exploitation, Financial, Discrimination, Institutional, Bullying, Self-harm, Violence, Abuse/Domestic violence.

Discrimination People may get treated unfairly because of different factors; Skin colour, Ethnicity, Religion, Age, Disability, Language and Sexuality. Domestic abuse Domestic abuse tends to happen in the home. Domestic violence, also maybe know as spousal abuse, battering, family violence, and intimate partner violence (IPV), is distinct pattern of abusive activities from one person against another in an intimate relationship or close relationship such as marriage, dating, family, or cohabitation. People may be abused by their mother, father, sister, brother, carer, boyfriend, girlfriend. Professional abuse

Professional abuse may consist of not been given medication when needed or may be forgotten about and been given medication too late. Professional abuse can be when a leader takes advantage a client or patients trust or been failing to keep professional boundaries. Institutional abuse

Institutional abuse is most common in care homes, nursing homes, or in-patient hospitals where people need to be looked after and are dependent on others. Institutional abuse can be when patients are spoken to like children, lack of choice for food and drink options, unsafe or unhygienic environment or inflexible/ strict routines e.g. meal times, bedtimes, bathing and going to the toilet. Physical abuse

Physical abuse can consist of Hitting, Kicking, pulling hair, pinching, shaking, been burnt/scolded and being inappropriately restrained, restricted, confined or locked up. Physical abuse also includes the improper administration of drugs or treatments or the denial of prescribed medication. Physical abuse can happen to any and the abuser can be anyone, family, friends or teachers. Physical abuse indicators may be a history of unexplained or repeated falls or minor injuries, multiple bruising in well protected areas, injury shape similar to an object, sleep deficit, unexplained fatigue or a person asking not to be hurt. Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone is forced or participating in any sexual act that they are not comfortable in doing, Been touched inappropriately without agreeing to it, getting dressed in front of someone unwillingly or someone undressing in front of you, been made to watch inappropriate things that you do not agree to or been spoken to in a sexual way that you do not like also Not having a choice about a care worker of the same sex to undertake intimate personal care. Sexual abuse indicators are bruising or bleeding, difficulty walking or sitting, pain or itching in the genital area, love bites in hidden places, recurrent accounts of cystitis or even fear of sexual related words. The most commonly known sexual abuse is rape. Psychological abuse

Psychological abuse is when people are constantly been put down or given dirty looks. Threats are also a type of psychological abuse. Been laughed at, been treated like a child and spoken down to, not been able to spend time with others so people are left alone and no one to speak to also been ignored are all types of been psychological abuse. Financial abuse

Financial abuse is a form of mistreatment in which an abuser forcibly controls a victim’s financial needs. It can involve stealing money, not allowing a victim to take part in any financial decisions, or preventing a victim from having a job. This form of abuse tends to occur most often in domestic relationships, such as between a husband and wife or an elderly parent. Elder financial abuse involves an abuser targets an elderly person, often a parent or relative, in the hopes of being allowed access to the elderly person’s financial information. The abuser may act as though he or she is simply helping an elderly person manage his or her finances, but instead takes money for him or herself. Neglect

Neglect on vulnerable adults can consist of not been given general needs e.g. not been given medication, not been taken to doctors if you are ill, been cold a lot if the time, not having enough food, or never feeling full enough, not having clean clothes or not washing clothes, not having equipment that may be need to help walk or join in activities. Disclosure

Someone who may have great trust in you or someone who may be close to you might tell you something they might be confident to tell anyone else. Or a doctor or a medical staff may see unusual marks on the body.

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