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Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry a young man who grew up in great poverty with a physical abused father Tyler had many struggles and disappointment in his personal and professional life. After many years of blaming his parents and friends, Perry was motivated by Oprah Winfrey talk show host. While watching an episode of Oprah’s TV show which was about dealing with life difficulties experience and about how writing down your difficulties help you to heal. Tyler started writing a number of letters to himself, which later became movies and plays “His first productions was a gospel musical “ I know I’ve been changed”. This story was about survivors of child abuse and forgiveness. The show was a disappointment only 30 people came to his production. Tyler became homeless and was sleeping in his car, he was determined even though he was disappointed, he continued to do off jobs, while he writes and save his money for his next productions.

He finally wrote another film for Pastor T.D. Jakes “The Diary of a Mad Black Women” and “Women thou art loosed” which grossed over 50 million worldwide when asked what have kept him through his difficulties and even suicide attempts, Perry said “the Bible and his faith”. Life began to change for Tyler around age 28 he said “that when I began getting it” you go into your thirties. All of his movies and plays are all loved from a Christian prospective, this he learned from an early age. Tyler continues to write, act. Produce and direct various productions about life, marriage and forgiveness. One of his movies “Why did I get married” was based on a bad relationship experience he had and how you can overcome it. Even though Tyler Perry early years were difficult he never forget about how to love and care for young children and the old. Throughout his career he donated a lot of time and money to various communities and clubs. He always found time to visit his old community to teach the young men about family morals. He has motivated them to be inspired about life and what you can offer, as Oprah TV episode has motivated him to change.

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