Twos Matrix Essay

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Twos Matrix


1. Samsung enjoys the widest range of product portfolio which includes Mobile phone, TV/Audio/video, camera, home appliances, pc and other accessories. 2. Samsung has dominated the market in south korea in almost all its product line. 3. Samsung has large investments on research and development. 4. Samsung operate using digital technology and product diversification strategy differentiated the company from its competitors.


1. Allocation of marketing budget is not proportional to the needs of the regions. 2. Poor marketing strategy resulting from different message or logo in regions where Samsung was sold. 3. Management’s wrong perception of marketing function.

4. Samsung is a hardware leader but has too much of dependence for software from other parties.


1. Samsung is the official Olympic partner for the 2000 sydney Olympic games, 2002 winter Olympic games and the 2008 summer games in Beijing. 2. Customers from other countries find Samsung delightful and affordable. 3. Samsung stood poised to become a leader in the era of digital convergence. 4. In china there are prospective five million customers signing up for cellular telephone service each month.


1. Diversify in the industry of telecommunication in south Korea. (O3,S2) 2. Acquire or build showcase retail outlet in big cities in USA, China, and Russia. (S1,S4,O2,O4)


1. Introduce Samsung’s products through sponsorship on Olympic, Winter and summer games to enhance brand awareness and increase sales. (W2,O1) 2. Stop operations in such as Germany and countries in north America. (W1,O2,O4)


1. Threats from Chinese products.
2. Samsung has wide variety of product lines, failure of one product line wil have impact on the other and will result in brand dilution. 3. Aggressive competitors, including Sony, Nokia, Motorola and Panasonic. 4. Brand such as Apple and Sony focuses on both software and hardware development.


1. Improve digital technology and product differentiation to tailor their products, marketing and other activities to needs of the specific market. (S2,S4,T2,T3) 2. Innovate or modify mobile cell phones to cater the diversified preferences of the different nationalities. (S1,S3,T3,T1)


1. Diversify the business on software industry in order to compete with close rivals. (W4,T4) 2. Set up its own advertisements company will take charge of its global marketing and advertisements. (W1,W3,T1,T2) TOWS Matrix

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