Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler

Increasing Craze For Two Wheelers Amongst The Youth By: Azharuddin shahMotorcycles and bikes have become a necessity and also a style statement for the young generation now. While planning to buy a two wheeler, the more elderly people usually go for scooters which are much lighter than a motorcycle or a bike. But the youth of today are more lured towards the bikes and prefer buying bikes to scooters. To keep up with the needs and demands of this ever increasing craze for bikes, the bikes manufacturer is constantly launching new bikes to lure the youth.

Two wheelers can be divided into two broad categories scooters and motorbikes. Though they both are two wheelers, yet they are very different from each other. The very basic difference is that the scooters do not have gears and the motorcycles have gears. Also it is clearly visible that a scooter is much lighter than a motorcycle or a bike. It is therefore much easier to handle and control a scooter than a motorcycle.

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Scooters have wheels with smaller diameter where as bikes have wheels with larger diameter. Due to this difference, bikes are much more comfortable over bumpy roads a great reason for the youth to prefer bikes over scooters. Also the coolant in the two is different. Motorcycles have air cooled engines whereas scooters have liquid cooled engines. Motorcycle manufacturer claims that motorcycles and bikes have easier maintenance than the scooters. This is also one of the reasons why the youth of today loves bikes.

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Young generation of today looks for thrill in everything that they do and this includes riding a bike too. Though it is too dangerous for their lives, they love riding a bike at a great speed yet another reason for their craze for the two wheelers. Nowadays, the cost of fuel matters the most and so the fuel efficiency of the vehicle counts a lot. Bikes manufacturer also understand this and they are manufacturing quite a good number of fuel efficient bikes. Now, this also adds up to the attraction for the bikes. Also, with ever increasing traffic on roads, it is much easier to get past the crowd on a two wheeler rather that getting stuck there while driving a four wheeler. Not only are the bikes easier mode for commuting, but they are easy for parking too. With parking spaces becoming a matter of problem, bikes, motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are gaining popularity amongst the masses.

Bikes and motorcycles are far less polluting than the four wheelers and this is yet other reason why the conscious generation of today prefers two wheelers over a four wheeler. Keeping the needs of girls and ladies, bikes manufacturer have now manufactured some very light weight, non gear, easy to handle scooters for the fairer sex. These are generally referred to as scooty or mopeds. There are some battery operated bikes also available in the market. These are very light weight and very easy to operate hence have found a safe place in the list of favorites by the young girls. Whatever may be the reason, bikes and motorcycles have become a passion with the young generation and the joy and thrill of owning one is always evident from their gesture. About the Author: The craze for two wheelers is compelling the bikes manufacturer to keep on launching new models of bikes. Being a motorcycle manufacturer himself, the author also understands the need to do so.

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