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Two Weeks Notice Essay

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Two weeks notice Bullock plays Lucy Kelson, a committed left-wing attorney with an immaculate Ivy League background who fights the good fight against the heartless developers of lower Manhattan and the outer boroughs. Complications ensue when she finds herself working for one such figure, George Wade (Grant) in exchange for his preserving a Coney Island landmark near her childhood home. Wade’s not a bad guy, but he’s frightfully dependent on Lucy for everything. When it seems possible she might at last get clear of him, she begins to have second thoughts about letting him go.

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The Movie “Two Weeks Notice” stares Saundra Bullock and Hugh Grant premiered in December of 2002. The movie follows a mix match relationship between a strong willed, “save the community” lawyer named Lucy Kelson, played by Sandra Bullock, and a high status business man, George Wade, played by Hugh Grant. The two in the beginning seem completely different but when Lucy goes to work for George, to keep him from knocking down the neighborhood community center, she realizes how needy he was, and how much she couldn’t stand it.

When Lucy gives George two weeks notice, George realizes that she is an asset to his company. After much arguing she finally gets out and then they both realize that they’ve fallen in love with each other. Since they were too stubborn to admit it, it took a huge argument in the employee lounge to get them to let their guards down. Writer and first time Director, Marc Lawrence’s “Two Weeks Notice” is a charming, smart, and genuinely funny romantic comedy with terrific performances by Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. This a great movie. Inherent in romantic comedies is a degree of predictibility. Two Weeks Notice” follows formula, but Lawrence orchestrates enough curves, character insight, and human resonance to make it more than just formula. He also has the great chemistry of Bullock and Grant– this is their medium. Sandra Bullock plays Lucy Kelson, a Harvard educated activist lawyer, who is hired by George Wade (Hugh Grant)a handsome, charming, and seemingly shallow multi-millionaire developer. George hires Lucy as chief legal counsel for Wade Corp. , for $250 K, because his brother Howard (David Haig), the true captain of Wade Corp. requested George hire an attorney who did not attend Bimbo U. Lucy swallows her idealism and… poverty, because George also promises to protect her parents’ community center. Lucy is smart and “not intentionally funny”, and soon becomes George’s right and left arm– he can’t to anything without her consult. This only amplifies that Lucy has no life or rather any relationships of merit… other than with George. Lucy gives George her Two Weeks Notice. Credit Lawrence and company, when George finally accepts Lucy’s resignation, it is crystal regarding the unspoken relationship of the two.

Wink. Wink. “Two Weeks” never insults our intelligence, however, it makes us await for an hour and a half. Along with wit and humor Lawrence, Bullock, and Grant provide a a very human touch that resonates throughout the movie. In a very well done scene on the rooftop of Lucy’s parent’s New York apartment, Lucy shares with George that she never lived upto her mother’s expectations. George says that is different from people “having no expectations”. This is where movie transforms beyond the opposites attract story.

It makes sense of Lucy’s need to be perfect, and the man that George could be that he is well aware of. In it’s own light hearted way, “Two Weeks” looks at where you sell out, where do you become a whore (but in a nice way), and where do you take a stand. And taking a stand is never easy… even in a romantic comedy, though it sometimes takes longer. Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are magic together. They are both smart and their characters’ are also. Grant as George is charming, witty, and playing someone who has honor and substance that are dimissed by all except Lucy (Bullock).

Grant is masterful at hinting at a depth of character. Sandra Bullock is beautiful, smart, and funny as Lucy. She also stretches herself when Lucy drunkenly braggs about her sexual prowess– “bobcat… pretsel thing. ” Bullock lends compassion and a whacky sensibilty to Lucy who scares men off by being too smart and too perfect, but still not good enough for her mother. Her Lucy only gets a clue when she hires her replacement (a good Alicia Witt)– she is in love with George. The exchanges between Grant and Bullock are so natural… like conversation, spoken and unspoken.

At one point in the movie, Lucy has a breakfast conversation with her Dad (a goofy and wise Robert Klein). She asks him “What if people don’t change? ” The point is they will or they don’t. Kind of like loving someone is accepting them for who they are and for who they are not. Be open to surprises. Marc Lawrence’s “Two Weeks Notice” is an excellent surprise. He along with Bullock and Grant have made a classic romantic comedy and more. Hugh Grant plays George Wade, a property developer who hires Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock) as his Chief Counsel.

Sick of calls in the middle of the night and appalled at being called away from a wedding just to help her boss decide what to wear for a particular occasion, Lucy gives George two weeks notice. ‘Two Weeks Notice’ is little more than a predictable romantic comedy and it is only a matter of time before George and Lucy realise that they have fallen for each other. How the film turns out is obvious, but this will not spoil your enjoyment of it. Sandra Bullock fails to convince as a successful lawyer and businesswoman but she is able to convey a vulnerability which makes the audience warm to her.

Like her character in ‘While You Were Sleeping’, Lucy is a lonely individual. When she is at home she comfort eats Chinese food, always ordering just for one. There are also no surprises with Hugh Grant’s character as he is much the same as any of his other romantic roles i. e. very likeable and charming. The film succeeds purely because of the actors’ likeability and the on-screen chemistry between Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock who are both gifted comedic actors. There are also enough good lines and funny situations to keep you chuckling throughout

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