Two Thumbs Up for Phantom of the Opera Musical Essay

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Two Thumbs Up for Phantom of the Opera Musical

The musical play Phantom of the Opera is really extraordinary. The Angel of Music is really a catchy song that put viewer’s attention on stage. The actors and actresses managed to do their performances with majestic skills and enthusiasm. The presentation of design and visual arts added an overall impact on the play. Various points that were highlighted in the play were props, musical score, voicing, choreography, the story and the turn of events. Being able to see the musical is a once in a lifetime experience.

The major characters are well selected and they are credible enough in playing their roles. Most song performances are acted out with richness and smoothness of their voices as they sing and act in the entire stage. The songs were also well selected and no doubt that it captures the mind and soul of viewers. It feels like they were also in the stage acting out and singing all throughout the show. There are parts of the introductory scenes that were too fast phased. There are some parts where could have been prolonged to provide a clear and deep meaning of what is intended for the whole story.

One thing that is notable is the scene of Mega and Christine as they sing the song “Angel of Music”. The song has both clarity and ambiguity in a sense. The message of Christine while singing the song exhibited clarity. For once, she was able to show that there is an “unseen stranger” and this is the angel of music who has been teaching her and helping her excel in singing for the people. This made the audience more endowed to the scene and carefully watches the progress of Christine’s story. The characters of Phantom and Christine are really amiable.

Though Phantom’s character is monstrous, it still catches sympathy from the audience because of the way the actor played his part. Same with Christine’s character who is really well refined and her expressive eyes are really endearing. Her transition from a simple lady to a wonderful woman in the end proven that she is worthy of all happiness in the end. The antagonists in the play also did a fantastic performance on their part. Overall acting of the characters made viewers a clearer understanding of the whole story. They acted out with elegance and professionalism.

The lightning and music sets the mood of the audience. Taking an eye off the stage means losing the chance of seeing more surprising moments for the piece. Costumes are designed with brilliance and freshness to make the audience up to date without loosing the era of British touch. The lights set the mood of the audience along with the music and sound effects to predict future scenes and make them more fasten into their seats. Facial expressions of the actors and actresses made the story more meaningful. It allows audiences to unite with their lamentations and triumphs in the whole musical.

Phantom of the Opera has a dramatically and artistically focused story that hinges on a series of conflicts. Christine’s character is redefined by her surroundings as well as the other people around her. The musical theme, motifs and textures really depicted the development of the character, attitude and emotion of characters. The creativity and vividness of the musical made it really memorable. Audience will remain fastened into their seats from the start until the end. It showcased undying effort and enthusiasm of casts and crews.

The entire musical was able to put the script into the big picture without sacrificing anything. It revealed the artistry of each person on and off stage. The Phantom of the Opera is truly great. The moving performances will never bore any single audience. It keeps the crowd alive and makes them feel like they belong on each and every scene. This musical is worthy of your time, money and effort. Given the chance to rate this piece, I will not hesitate in rising up two thumbs. The best words to describe it are perfect, brilliant and magnificent. A stage musical to die for.

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