Two sides to welfare Essay

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Two sides to welfare

In this discussion we were suppose to side with either the Conservative side or the Moderate side. The Conservative side had points about the welfare which best described my opinion about welfare. One the other hand the moderate view also had several points to the welfare reform.

The welfare issue in the U.S. can not be handled in a similar way for everyone. There are certain cases and situations which show that welfare shouldn’t be handled in the same way for everyone. Their should be different procedures for extreme cases, and their should be some sort of restriction too. The government should provide some sort of aid because every state has different procedures of determining welfare. The time restriction in one way is very useful for the society in a whole but again it should be determined by the eligibility. For example, if someone is severely disabled, that person won’t be helped enough if the time limit is just five year. So, I believe there should be longer time given to the people who deserved it. The thing about any government sector aid can be done in this way that the government watches over the states, so they don’t pass a law that doesn’t belong to welfare at all.

I agree with the conservative view on welfare more than the moderate view. There are several reasons behind my opinion. Although, I agree that the needy families, single parents, and other in need should be helped financially, but I few issues regarding this. First of all, there should exist a tough procedure and valuation in order to get the welfare. The welfare shouldn’t be available as the first thing to anyone who is in need and he/she has dependents. Instead, they should check out other opportunities before getting themselves into welfare. Although these people should be given welfare but should have some sort of penalty along with it.

The welfare should be given to most extreme cases. Especially the single parents should be asked to make contributions to their budget as in a part-time job. I believe it is not fair to the tax payer who are working Twenty four hours and paying money for someone who is having couple of kids as a single parenting while they are not able to support themselves. There should be some sort of pressure in order for single parenting population to receive this aid. A lot of people have created the welfare as their income source; this thing can only be stoped by having them work too, even if they are only working part-time. There should be no support available to the people who have child and they don’t show interest in getting independent in future or do some sort of part-time job. For their children we should provide either adoption or some sort of centers which only look after their kids (provide them with food and shelter, not their grown up parents too).

Welfare should go to the elderly and the disable people, because they are the people who really deserve the welfare. But still there comes the point of how did this person got disabled. Did it occur naturally or accidentally? If this happened naturally or accidentally it is a situation with is beyond the individual’s control. But if, this person has became disabled because of drug abuses; I certainly won’t agree that this person should be fed by government through out his/her life. This way at least we might be able to stop people from abusing themselves. Because these people know that they are getting all sorts of financial help they don’t care about themselves and become a burden on the society. To reduce this sort of behavior among people some new reforms should be done to the welfare.

Beyond the individuals are factors in the economy or society itself that may prevent people from getting a job that can support a family. Some groups suffer from discrimination that blocks them out of the better-paying, career jobs. Sometimes a person’s skills are no longer needed in the system. In these cases we can at least help them by welfare for limited time.

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