Two Popular Places for Vacation Essay

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Two Popular Places for Vacation

What places do you want to go on vacation? Many people like to travel around the world. They want to learn about culture and visit awesome places in other countries. However, the youth do not have many chances for travel. They usually travel with their parents during the summer and winter vacation. For this valuable time, I will talk about two awesome places for the trip. I recommend Boracay, in the Philipine islands and Jeju Island, in Korea are the best places for vacation trip. The two islands have their own characters.

One of the most obvious differences between these two islands is climate. The mean temperature of Boracay is almost 40℃, so we can enjoy swimming and snowballing. We wear sleeves when we go outside. Jeju Island has four seasons because it is located at around latitude 35˚ north. Jeju Island is larger than Boracay. Boracay Island extends 11km² in area whereas Jeju Island’s size is 1,847.1km² in area. These two benefits make tourists to visit more places in Jeju Island.

In addition, there is a difference between Boracay and Jeju Island about outdoor activities. Boracay is a small island, and has few places for sightseeing. They provide many kinds of water sports for tourists. They can enjoy many water sports such as surfing, banana boat. On the other hand, there are many traditional places in Jeju Island. I have been to Jeju Island with my parents in December, 2010. I could not see any water activities, but we had good time. We have visited to Jeju’s traditional house, waterfalls, and columnar jointing which is made of basalt. Jeju is one of Korean Republic’s cities, but they have their own different culture. People in Jeju are proud of their unique culture. I think it is the reason why Koreans also enjoy when they go to Jeju Island.

The third difference between the two islands is food. When I went to Boracay I ate many tropical fruits which are mangosteen, banana, pineapple, kiwi, and coconut. Especially mango is the sweetest fruit which I had ever eaten in Boracay. Meats are the main dish of Boracay people. Many cows are grown up in Boracay and people ate meat a lot. However, the foods in Jeju are healthful and unique. I was told that Jeju people love to eat noodles. People usually have rice noodles with anchovy soup, but Jeju people make rice noodles with pork soup. ‘Mom-guk’ which is a soup made of pork, pig’s giblets, and measly. Jeju’s unique foods attract many foreigners or even Koreans.

As I told, I recommend Boracay and Jeju Island are 2 popular destinations on vacation. If I choose one place, I think Jeju Island is better place to go on vacation because it contains many different features from inland once, which are dialects, unique rocks (basalt), tropical plants and so forth. These are enough to attract more people to visit Jeju Island. As a Korean, I hope Jeju Island become most popular in the world. We should collaborate to advertise Jeju Island. If we work together to make the beautiful island widely know, Jeju Island can be the best tourist city in the world.

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