Two Particular Incidents or Emergencies in a Health and Social Care

Explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health and social care setting. In health and social care there are a lot of procedures and precautions put into place so that accidents don’t occur, but no matter how careful organisations are with these kind of incidents there is no way really of preventing them. In health and social care a lot of risk assessments are taken to make sure the place is safe but obviously there is still a few things that are unstable or accidents like this wouldn’t occur.

The staff’s duty then is to work out what happened and how to minimise the risk of it happening again. An emergency is often unexpected, not planned, dangerous and sometimes life threatening. Some incidents that can occur include: fire’s, flood’s, exposure to infection, exposure to chemicals, intruders, aggressive and dangerous encounters and abuse – I will be talking about 2 of these, the concerns about them and justify them.

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Fire can be a very dangerous occurrence and is very unpredictable; this is why it may cause panic in the area. The first step in when a fire is happening is too let everyone in the building know what is going on, this is simply done by raising the fire alarm for everyone to hear, and then for one person to ring emergency services. Although it may cause panic it must be done to start evacuating the building, but you must not leave the building because you are not to prioritise yourself better than service users, your duty of care is to look after the service users therefore you must help people who are less able than you for example, disabled, small children, restricted mobility, hearing/visual impairments and the elderly.

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Removing the service users from the care home or wherever you are could be a difficult task because many may be restricted from mobility. The first people to take out in the act of a fire is people that can walk and don’t have mobility issues because they are the easiest to remove you would then move on to the service users that have mobility issues or might be bed ridden, because you would need 2 staff to get a service user down that is struggling.

Too get these service users down the stairs an emergency stair lift would be at the top of the stairs and should be used in the event of a fire, once you think that all of the service users are out you should send the designated person in to see if the area is clear. All of their medicines are in the building and some may be due to be taken, this could harm their health if medicines aren’t taken at the correct time and also many of them could be burnt away if they aren’t taken with you, it could also be a risk of infection because if you were in a hospital and this happened an outbreak could happen if certain diseases aren’t treat and they also could be passed around.

Another thing that could occur could be the smoke off the fire, if a service user has breathing difficulties or has asthma this could have an impact on their health, the service user’s family must be called as well so they know what is going on. You should also consider that the fire could’ve been an act of sabotage and you must work out where it started and how if there is any of the building left. Service user’s safety is at risk because they could die in the event of the fire, a staff member could be pregnant, there safety is at risk and so is there baby’s, so I think they should be evacuated first to increase both of their safety.

It is important to maintain dignity when removing service users from the area and too help emergency services with the evacuation of service users, with the role of being first aid trained; you might be able to help certain people if other parts of the emergency services are busy. With their being most staff will be aiding service users this gives the opportunity for a possible theft to happen within the building. The response to this incident I think would be to do a risk assessment and too work out where the root of the problem started, I think this is the best idea because emergency services i.e the police would get involved and it would be in more depth, this way the organisation could prevent or minimise another fire from occurring.

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Two Particular Incidents or Emergencies in a Health and Social Care

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