There are many ways to lose weight, from diet and exercise to extremes such as surgery. Diet and exercise is the healthiest way for a person to lose weight. As long as the person takes it slow and does not start abrupt diets or intense exercises. The body adapts better to slow changes in terms of diet and exercise. Having body altering surgery is not taking it slow. When weight loss surgery has been performed, it takes off months or even years of diet and exercise in one day.

That kind of trauma is not healthy for the body to be enduring.

Even after the surgery, diet and exercise still has to be done to maintain the person’s new body. There are many health benefits to losing weight by exercising. Exercise can help prevent weight gain or help conserve weight loss. Engaging in physical activity burns calories and the more intense a workout is more calories will be burned. A large amount of time does not need to be set aside in a day for exercise.

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Something simple as rapidly walking around the inside of a home, or up and down a flight of stairs for a few minutes will do the trick.

Having a healthy exercise routine also helps prevent health conditions and diseases. Exercise can help eliminate worry of developing heart diseases and high blood pressure. Becoming active no matter what weight a person is at will get active boosts of HDLC (high-density lipoprotein) flowing, which is basically good cholesterol.

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This will keep blood flowing which is good for the heart. It can help eliminate a wide range of developing health issues. Such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, helps with stress, few types of cancers, and arthritis. Exercise can improve a person’s mood if they start feeling depressed and tired.

Emotional steam can be blown off this way and can get the immune system up and running. Exercising will flow nutrients and oxygen through the body into tissues which give all the energy a person should need. A healthy diet also adds into regular exercise as a healthier method for losing weight. Eating healthy helps throughout an individual’s lifetime, not only with weight loss but also improving health all around. Healthy eating is a balanced, varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It can also help to avoid developing health issues in the future.

For example: a verity of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Eating healthy will also improve mental emotions by helping with energy because the body is not weighed down by all that junk food causing it to feel sluggish and lazy. Incorporating a well-balanced diet and exercise plan go hand-in-hand for losing weight. It is also a much safer and healthier choice to lose weight vs. surgery. Having surgery to lose weight is very traumatic on the body. Many doctors will not even consider doing weight loss surgery for anyone unless they are morbidly obese.

For example: Lap Band surgery is a piece of plastic that is tightened around the upper part of the stomach to keep it from being able to hold as much food as it used to. Some people can’t eat more than a hand full of food after having this procedure done. Such dramatic sudden changes on the body can cause it to go into shock. Even after having the weight loss surgery regular diet and exercise needs to still be done to stay in shape and revert back. Just having the surgery alone will not be enough to prevent illnesses from developing down the road.

Also because of the weight loss rate, with no exercise involved to tone the body the amount of extra skin leftover would be unbelievable. This may result in needing yet another surgery to correct this. Some side effects of weight loss surgery, like Lap Band surgery for example are internal bleeding, heartburn, constant vomiting, developing ulcers, constipation, nausea, dehydration, acid reflux, getting an obstruction, infections, the lap band could slip, the lap band is permanent, and many foods are off limits. Also keep in mind that all of these risks would be life- long sense the lap band is permanent.

People must not let themselves become lazy enough to try these life threatening things. Gastric banding surgery risks are elevated if people have especially poor health, which if they are over-weight they are most likely very unhealthy. Gastric banding can cause death, during the surgery and after the procedure. However, death is not very likely to occur, about three per 1,000 procedures end in death. The surgery can also cause gallstones, gastrointestinal tract leak, pulmonary embolism, and like mentioned before too much weight loss and more.

With all of this information it is made clear that diet and exercise in moderation is the healthier method for losing weight. Dieting and exercise gives the nutrients, energy, strength, motivation, and health to have a long illness free life. There are still many illnesses that come from genetics that cannot be stopped from happening. However, taking care of the body in the appropriate ways will help keep these illnesses at bay, and even help eliminate some if they develop. When unsure about which one of these weight loss methods to choose all that needs to be done is research.

All the benefits and risks will be shown in helping to pick the appropriate one for every individual. Many people, now more than ever, are choosing body altering surgery. Quite many result in looking worse than before they started. With diet and exercise you rarely see a person not look better after words. Choosing weight loss surgery can be putting an individual’s life in jeopardy. With diet and exercise there are no risks or side effects that can put a person’s life in jeopardy. With proper instruction and knowledge it only improves the body.

The only way diet and exercise can be dangerous is if it is being done at very dramatic rates right from the beginning. It also can help people who suffer from mental illnesses like depression become happier and feel better about themselves. Having learned all of this, any person with common knowledge would go the route of diet and exercise. All the side effects from the Lap Band surgery are very serious risks that can happen. These two methods are both definite ways to lose weight, but one should be very carefully considered before jumping into.

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