Two Important Life Lessons I Learned When I Was Young

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I am always afraid of disappointing my parents and the outcome of what will happen. I was a child and I make a small mistake turn ugly. I was a kid so I could not see clearly what I done. The problem started because I got a really bad grade on one of my assignment. Some people might say “what is so terrible about getting a bad grade.” My story starts back to when I was in the fourth grade. “Ok, guys remember to bring your weekly folder back on Monday signed by one of your parents” said Mrs.

Eng. The weekly folder has all the assignment that my class did during the week. “Yes, Mrs. Eng” said my class.

I was excited to see how I did, so I looked into my folder to see how I did. I felt like someone just kicked me in the stomach. “Oh No, this is not good” | said as I walk down the hall to go meet up with my sister and brother.

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I walked around in my room worrying to death about what I should do. I was thinking of the type of punishment I would get because of my bad grade. I did not want my parents to find out that I got a bad grade. I felt my parents would be really upset and disappointed in me. I decided to find a good time to tell my parents about my bad grade. A month has past, but I still was not able to tell my parents.

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The guilt and fear was killing me inside. When I am around my parents I pretend that I was ok, but deep down I know I am only fooling myself and others. I did not tell anyone about my bad grade in my family. I was stressed out every day I felt sick in the stomach with great pain. I finally decided since Christmas is around the corner, I will tell them after Christmas to not ruin the happy moment. My teacher was not happy with me and lectures me about my folder. I could not lift my head up in class. In the end, I was not able to tell my parents. After the Christmas break my teacher was feed up with me and she could not wait anymore. “John, is this your parents number” said Mrs. Eng. “Yes”, said John. Mrs. Eng called my brother down from class to ask him if the contact number for my parents was correct. My brother was one of her former students. I still remember the look he gives me as he walked out the door.

The look in his eye says “what did you do Mary”. I never expected that one bad grade could have caused so much trouble. It turns out that I make the problem a lot bigger than the problem actually was in reality. My parents told me that they are not that upset because of my grade, but the fact that I was too scared to actually tell them. My parents told me they did not like having to find out from my teacher. One important lesson that I learned from this experiences is that I do not understand how my parents think. The other is I should have told my parents sooner than I could avoid all the stress and fear I had. I could have a great Christmas without worrying if I had told my parents sooner.

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