Two and a Half Men

Effective sitcoms engage the viewer through the use of characters and story; therefore this can address problems and experiences in society. The sitcoms Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory uses humor and characterization especially different personalities and interactions from different people. Sitcoms use humor to emphasize the characters personalities and socialization problems.

In Two And A Half Men they set up different funny interactions between the two brothers and how they relate members to the opposite sex.

Charlie is confident around girls and sometimes can be inappropriate and Alan is very insecure but treats girls very well and he isn’t that popular. We laugh at Charlie’s inappropriate behavior, immaturity and jokes and the way Alan’s insecure, fussy, old fashioned, up tight and nervous around women.

Charlie is really confident and Alan isn’t, and the sitcom makes us see confidence is important when it comes to girls, and affects the relationship with women. Paragraph 1 I agree that most sitcoms do use the four main elements to highlight human problems.

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Through my viewing of Two and a half men and the big bang theory, I have decided that humor; characters, plot development and settings are needed to emphasize the problems we have.

The problems I will lack to the four aspects are: siblings, lies and school issues. Paragraph 2 I think that different types of humor are used in most sitcoms to show human problems. In Outnumbered, verbal humor is used to show the problem of trying to be a good parent.

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Sue and Pete often try to stop their kids from swearing, and it’s funny when Karen says ”motherfudger” and her brother’s laugh. In another sit. com there is physical humor when Bart is trying to be silly.

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