Two Fast Food Restaurants Essay

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Two Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald’s and Burger King make huge profits. Both fast food restaurants are able to serve thousands of people daily. Due to the advertising that both places do like McDonald’s sends out flyers in the mail so does Burger King. When watching television there are commercials about both restaurants. I have gotten coupons for Burger King on my receipts at my local corner store. Which McDonald’s does not do that with coupons on receipts? The way that both restaurants are setup makes it possible to handle people quickly. Both places have counter and kitchen operations to serve the customers in a timely manner.

Burger King and McDonald’s both have low cost food. They have the dollar menu which makes it more affordable for people to eat there. They both compare the burgers that they serve like the Whopper and Big Mac. McDonald’s and Burger King both sell chicken and French fries as well. Both staff a large variety of people for low cost. The employees at both restaurants do not get benefits when they first start to work. You have to be employed there for awhile till you can get health benefits for yourself or your family. When working for these companies at low pay then you have to work your way up the ladder.

To be able to get a higher pay and benefits you have to work a lot of hours at both companies. When being employed for companies like this it is hard work at very low pay at first. I know this because I worked for McDonald’s, but not Burger King. They both star employees out at minimum wage. Which with being paid that it is sometimes hard to make ends meet. McDonald’s and Burger King both have large franchise around the world. I have seen them both in Virginia and North Carolina. With having a lot of companies around the world that is why they serve thousands of people daily.

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