Two Different Types of Green Walls

Green walls got two different types, one is they are vertical structures with different types of plants, the second is it have green plants attached to them. Greening usually occurs in a growing medium consisting of soil, stone, or water. Because there are living plants on the walls, they usually have irrigation systems built in. Therefore, they is different from the facade, which is usually seen as climbing up the outer walls of a building and using them as structural support.

The external walls are rooted in the ground. However, it may take a long time for the outside wall to be green enough to cover the entire wall, while the green walls may grow earlier.

Green wall can let a space more substantial. Above all, the visual effect of life wall nots allow to ignore. This dramatic work can have a dramatic impact on the concrete and brick environment of the city, providing an alternative to urban agriculture, horticulture and interior decoration.

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The good for people is that the walls of life make us happier and more productive because they attract our natural needs related to nature. Bringing natural elements to places we don’t normally see can boost our mood and make us more alert and optimistic. This concept is also known as a parental species. In addition, research has shown that nature can reduce negative behaviors such as aggression and anxiety.

In addition, it has been found that connection with nature can reduce stress and improve mental fatigue.

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This is due to our body’s natural reaction to seeing and surrounding natural elements. The green walls also include the building’s friendly character, that is, the outdoor green walls and facades are found to be energy efficient because their plants reduce the overall temperature of the building in the sunlight. In addition, they can reduce heat loss in winter, and the transpiration process of plants can also slightly reduce indoor temperature, so they are also an effective and economical solution. Plenty of plants can also help reduce noise levels.

The green living wall is a natural air filter that creates a cleaner and more dynamic working environment that will lead to better overall employee health and production. Officials are frequently exposed to air toxins such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and benzene in the workplace. The green living walls release oxygen into the workplace air while metabolizing harmful toxins, much like office plants, but on a much larger scale. One little-known benefit of green walls is that they reduce the noise levels of buildings. Plants are used all over the world to reduce the noise of roads and highways.

The green living wall extends the concept because plants ‘naturally’ block out high-frequency sounds, while the supporting structure helps reduce low-frequency noise. Smart green walls, active green walls both are need to be maintained for health purposes. Like all plants with living, plant walls also need to be replaced regularly to make up for the loss of plants. In a media solution between loose and structured, changing plants is often simple. Removal of these parts may result in additional plant loss because the green plants removed area when they have spread their roots to it. They usually get their basic nutrition through irrigation.

Let’s start using green walls as our way of life in the future and make the world a better place. In our life, if we do not have these green nature design, we will certainly let the next generation can not let them enjoy the most natural environment, also can not let them grow up in a healthy environment. Think about it, once our future days will be more and more buildings with the growth of the people, this will develop a lot of forests, without the forest a lot of animals will face extinction, all this will let our future generations cause some injustice also cause regret. At now let’s start building green walls together to bring more variety and richness to the lives of children around the world.

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