Two different business organisations Essay

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Two different business organisations

M1 Unit 1: Business Purposes Red Group 10A/Eb1 Asid Ashraf 10L Assignment 6 (M1) Scenario: The Editor has asked me to identify and research two different businesses in the area to help promote them to the local community. Requirements of M1: Contrast the ownership and purposes of two different business organisations. Task 6(a): Select two businesses to contrast (your choices must be checked and approved by your teacher). The two businesses are Tesco and Oxfam. Task 6(b): Use the same format for the table as shown below to contrast the two different businesses and add a summary at the end: Aspects of ownership Name of 1st organisation: Tesco Name of 2nd organisation: Oxfam Similarities Differences Ownership type Public Limited Company Charity The differences are that Tesco is a PLC and Oxfam is a charity.

Type of liability Limited liability for all shareholders They form the Council of Trustees, which is the governing body of the Association of Oxfam (a not-for-profit limited-liability company). The similarities of both organisations are that they are limited liability company. Control The directors appoint shareholders to control the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of the business. Oxfam have a number of trustees who control the organisation which are: Karen Brown, Chair Sandra Dawson, Vice Chair David Pitt-Watson, Hon. Treasurer Vanessa Godfrey James Darcy Maja Daruwala Andy Friend Rajiv Joshi Matthew Martin Marjorie Scardino Nkoyo Toyo Tricia Zipfel They have various duties and responsibilities for example some are executive directors, vice chairmen and CEOâs. The similarities are that both organisations have control on the day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Each organisation have been appointed directors and CEOâs. The differences are that both organisations have different types of control.

The differences are that Tesco are here to make a profit which is divided between their shareholders used for new shops and to save. Whereas Oxfam are not due to being a non-profit-organisation. Number of owners 2 or more. Changing all the time as shares are bought and sold and the stock exchange. Oxfam do not have owners they have trustees who run the charity. They currently have 12 trustees. The similarities are that both organisation have people to run there Tesco and Oxfam. The differences are that Tesco have owners to run their business this is because they are making a profit. Whereas Oxfam have trustees to run their non-profit- organisation. and who do not get a share of the profit Summary: I have learnt that both organisations are very distinct this is due to having different organisation type, number of owners, control, capital and sources of finances. I also learnt that Tesco is a PLC and Oxfam is a charity organisation and that they have similarities and differences between themselves.

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