Two contrasting organisations Essay

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Two contrasting organisations


Harris Academy Peckham is one of many Academies under the Harris federation. Harris Academy is a not-for-profit charity with almost twenty five years’ experience of primary, secondary and sixth form education in and around London. This charity was created by Lord Harris of Peckham. He and his family take an active interest in every Harris Academy, supporting the Academy financially and with their time.


Harris Academy Peckham is tertiary sector, because Harris Academy Peckham is a non-profit company and Harris Academy Peckham a state education service because provides education to children’s and it’s comes in public sector because it’s funded by the government. Harris Academy Peckham is a have limitation on the service which the Harris Academy Peckham provides because Harris Academy Peckham is providing education and Harris Academy Peckham run Secondary and sixth form courses, in that the Harris Academy Peckham provide GCSEs, A-Levels, BTEC and some vocational courses. Harris Academy Peckham is sponsored by Lord Harris. He wanted to give good education to children in London, and he want to give full education from primary to sixth form and he started GCSEs and A-Levels in Harris Academy Peckham. Lord Harris wants to give education all around the London and he started many schools in different area in London and he made in total 37 schools and around in London. Harris Academy Peckham is a local but the Harris federation is a national because of the branches of Harris federation around London.


The purpose of Harris Academy Peckham is to provide good education to children’s around local areas. The main purpose of the Harris Academy Peckham is to see there is no child who’s not getting education and if they not Harris Academy Peckham provide them good education till they are not dependent on themselves and they can take their own decision and do better in future because the Harris Academy Peckham thinks for student’s future. The Harris Academy Peckham run the years age 11-18 years old or can say year 7 to year 13 students because at the age of 18 the students get dependent and they can take their decision by them self.


Tesco is a one of the largest stores in the world with over500, 000 colleagues and serve millions of customer’s every day in both ways such as online and their stores. Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohn from a market in stall in London. They have been going for 96 years. Last year’s Tesco have raised £11 million throughout the years since they first started.


Tesco’s a PLC’s which means anyone ca buy the shares from the stock exchange. The Tesco has to pay their stakeholders a percentage of the profit in extras. The extras then they get sent to them through parcel or in their accounts. The amount that they get paid will depend on the price they have shares which will be determined how much the person will get the percentage. Tesco’s a PLC’s, this means that the business has limited liability to all of the shareholders depends on their share and how much they have bought the share for and means that they will be in financial stress because of the limited liability. Tesco’s is a large business company as they have 500,000 colleagues working for them in the 12 markets which they have.

The 12 market are UK, India, Malaysia, Home plus, Lotus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Kiap, and China. Tesco might think to increase their business more and more in some other different countries. Tesco’s an international business as they have store all over the world. They provide many services to all their customers who shop at Tesco markets and Tesco also have a wider customer’s base on the club member counting because of the amount of market they have opened over the worldwide, and the Tesco club member also get many discounts and they make more and more business every day.

Tesco is under the tertiary sector, this is because they don’t make their own product they have to suppliers which sell their products to the Tesco in orders for the suppliers to increase their sell markets share and to also make sure that they get money as well and that they are not getting paid for their production which they are producing to sell for them self to make more money on it. Tesco is a privet sector where the Tesco shareholders divide their share according how much they have bought the share from the Tesco.


The Tesco main purpose is to expend their business more and more in worldwide. The Tesco’s is an international company and they wants to make more profit every year. The Tesco always wants to sell their share to people and make profit. Tesco’s have many stores in the UK and the Tesco sale many kind of things and in Tesco people can find all the things what they required for their house hold or other work as well such as stationary for the schools, work, and gardening things can be find at Tesco stores or online. Tesco also do banking and other staff such as they have started mobile sim card and etc.

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